360 N7 Lite and 360 N7 Pro Released on 21st August 2018

Today 360 released two N series phone named N7 Lite and N7 Pro in Beijing. The N7 Lite has 3 versions. The 4 GB + 32 Gb price is Rs 12000 in Indian Currency (Approx) , 4 GB + 64 Gb price is Rs 15000 in Indian Currency (Approx) and 6 GB + 128 Gb price is Rs 18000 in Indian Currency (Approx) .

360 N7 Lite and 360 N7 Pro Released on 21st August 2018

360 N7 Lite and 360 N7 Pro 2

Specification  of 360 N7 Lite and 360 N7 Pro :

The device is mainly a cost-effective phone and has got a better battery life (4050 mah battery). The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE processor. It has the ability to play large scale game up to 6.5 hours continuously. The phone got a screen size of 5.99 inches and a resolution of 2160* 1080 pixels.

The mobile phone has two rear camera 13MP + 2MP and 8-megapixel front camera, running on 360 OS system.

The N7 Pro phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Processor. It has a battery capacity of 4000 mah. The device has a feature of double-sided glass body + metal mid-frame design, NCVM vacuum coating.

360 N7 Lite and 360 N7 Pro 3360 N7 Lite and 360 N7 Pro 1

There are many new features that can separate the device from other devices.

Guest Function:

The guest function is based on the multi-user system. Two pattern lock will be activated in the phone. One is for the owner and the other is for the guest or the second user. Both the pattern will unlock the phone but it will hide some data, some features form the guest or the second user.

Face recognition application lock:

Face recognition application lock is based on the application lock. In the previous systems, the user also has the facility to lock the device application by using number lock. In this device, the user can lock the application by using Face recognition application lock. The Face recognition application lock will save the time of the user while at least a few seconds needed to unlock the application via number lock.

Safe U Shield:

Safe U Shield” is a kind of physical hardware lock. It is a technology mainly based on the combination of software and hardware. It can make 360 mobile phones more secure than other devices.

360 N7 Lite and 360 N7 Pro 4

There are some additional features in it. The device has got a new generation of intelligent voice assistants technology. There are many features on this phone. Those are self-learning ability, red envelopes, open payment codes, weather check, takeaway, broadcast today news, etc. Apart from these this device has multi-language translation function ability, which can help the user to translate many foreign languages and help to communicate with foreign friends.

The official release time is 10 am on 23rd August 2018.

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