5 Beauty Apps that women can use

There are present different types of app these days that can be downloaded and installed in the Android phone. One such category of app that is a huge favourite among women across the globe is beauty apps. Such mobile apps are sure to convert the smartphone into a personal skincare consultant and makeup centre. This personal beauty adviser can help provide valuable and useful guidance to the person with the right products, tailor-made custom regimens and products.

Top beauty apps to download

  • Spruce: It is possible to have virtual appointment using a phone with board certified, real and experienced dermatologist. The user can send images of her skin issues to avail customized treatment plan, which is quite affordable than getting in-person session.
  • Glamscout: Probably, the person may have come across a makeup that she loves. If so, then this app does allow trying on the product virtually as it has over 80 drugstores and department store. Besides this, it also allows using of app as mirror. This effectively means there is no need to scramble for compact.
  • Made-2-Fit Makeup: At times, trying to find the most appropriate foundation shade can be a tough task. This is a clever app that uses phone’s camera and light to measure the user skin’s distinctive skin. Then based upon such calibrated readings, the app designs moisturizing, bespoke, light coverage foundation which can be shipped within 24 hours of order. Again if the item is not found to be that perfect, then it can be sent back against full refund.
  • Olay Skin Advisor: This mobile only website, although not technically termed to be an app serves as a virtual dermatologist without the person having to spend hours in the waiting room. Simply, send a snap of the makeup-free selfie and need to answer few questions on the type of skin products that is being currently used including biggest skin concerns, whether it is pores, wrinkles or dark spots. This app is sure to evaluate the person’s complexion and state clearly the skin’s visible age, when compared to actual age. It also identifies the different areas of the face that might require some TLC. It is possible to derive Olay anti-aging regimen which reflects the individual’s priorities including the amount of time the person is willing to spend, which is laid out neatly in a.m. & p.m. order. The person can upload a new selfie from time to time to find out how well the age busters have been working.
  • L’Oreal Paris Make-up Genius: It has a simple and easy to use interface that allows viewing of the different makeup shades of the brand on the skin or wear pre-done looks chosen from L’Oreal spokesmodel images’ models. The app can also be used to scan any bar code and there will be shown instantly how bright pink or silvery shadow lipstick will look on the person.

9apps download is a wise choice for those who want to enhance their beauty regimen. It is a third party app store where one can find all the beauty apps of their likes. This app is available to be downloaded on the Android device.

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