5 Essential Utilities For Windows 10

Whenever you buy a new PC or you assemble a PC, the first thing that you do is install various apps. There are a lot of utility apps which one needs to install on his computer so that his computer works better and smoothly. Sometimes, the users find it hard to decipher which app they need to install for their PC because there are loads of them.

However, you have nothing to worry about because in this article, we will discuss the top utility apps which you need for your windows. The apps are:

#1 Acresso Software Manager

The first and the foremost app which you need to have is the Acresso Software Manager which has proven to be highly beneficial for PC users, especially Windows 10 users. It is a manager which runs in the background and starts automatically as and when your PC gets booted. With Acresso Software Manager, you get various software updates and it automatically installs and downloads the software if there’s any. If you find it on your computer already, without any knowledge, then you might have installed Nuance PDF reader because Acresso Software Manager automatically gets installed when you download Nuance PDF Reader on your computer. You will find it under the name “isuspm.exe” on your PC or laptop. Acresso Software Inc has developed the tool. Overall, it is a must have on your Windows 10.

#2 KeyFinder

Another essential utility for your Windows 10 is the KeyFinder which helps you remove a licensed application installed on your computer and transfer it to another computer. It also helps you in formatting your computer’s main drive, which makes it necessary for you to reinstall a licensed app. For that, if you are unable to find the application’s license key, you can find it using the KeyFinder tool. You need to click on the name of an application with which KeyFinder will show you the key and then, you can easily save the text file. With KeyFinder, you can look for over 3000 licensed applications without a problem.

#3 Recuva

Another useful and essential utility for your Windows 10 is Recuva. It helps you in the deleted files case. When you accidentally delete a file and you are unable to find it in the recycle bin, you can still recover that file using the Recuva tool. The tool scans your storage drive and finds out where the deleted file was present before it was deleted. It then provides a list of all the tools and apps that were deleted which it found. To help you answer whether your file can be recovered or not, Recuva lists a file with different colour which shows the odds of your file being recovered. If you see a green colour next to your file, that means it can be recovered by Recuva. Moreover, you also have the option of using the search tool to sort through the deleted files which are found. It means that you can easily search for a document by entering certain words which were there in the deleted document.

#4 LockHunter and Unlocker

Another top tool for your Windows 10 is LockHunter and Unlocker. Many a time, a person’s file or folder in his computer gets locked, which means you cannot access it, move it, delete it or rename it. There could be any reason for that to happen and the Windows fail to free it and thus, you are locked out. To help you out with that problem, LockHunter and Unlocker are at your disposal. Both these tools are equally good to help you fix the problem you are going through. Both the tools will unlock the file or folder with which you can delete it or manage it.

#5 CCleaner

Last but not the least, CCleaner is another necessary tool for your Windows 10. It helps in quickly scanning the cache files and other background files which have been accumulated by your Windows in a long time. Furthermore, you can also delete various unwanted files using this tool and free up the space on your computer. CCleaner also deleted and scan various files, cache, cookies, browser history, temporary files, etc.


These are some of the best tools which you need to install on your Windows 10 as soon as you get it. These will help you run your computer much smoother and will make your experience better.

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