6 Chinese Flagship Smartphones


6 Chinese Flagship Smartphones



There are so many amazing mobile phone has been launched, you might think, the best is already in the past, but nothing from the fact that china’s flagship can not so amazing is still yet to come!

This year, the introduction of mobile phones, including millet mi4, nubian z7, oneplus an in vivo xshot, huawei honor6 and oppo find 7. These are some of the more powerful on the planet, more advanced android phone, but chinese companies still have more surprises! Here are seven flagship phone we still can not wait to see

Gionee Elife E8



Jin should be ready to start teasing their next flagship mobile phone. If the current naming strategy remains, which would mean that the new legislation will be jin jin elife e8. Spec wise elife e7 is a good piece of kit ordered, we do not imagine that too much will change e8. We expect that in 2k displays will be in place, will also be thinner design, bigger battery and a much improved rom, though, went to our experience and e7

Huawei Ascend Mate 3



Mate 3, or Ascend d3, but we know is that it will have its own Huawei’s own Kirin  920 processor, the very same that include lte in honor of the six other features, the 1080 display and alloy body with fingerprint reader

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro



Lenovo is set to continue to release their most powerful mobile phone! Lenovo vibe z2 pro will have a 6 inches 2k display, lte, 3gb memory, 16 megapixel camera, 801 snapdragon processor and 4000mah battery inside all full metal body thickness of only 7.7 mm thick! It is rumored that lenovo will also launch 5.5 inches smaller version of the 1080 show vibe z2

Meizu MX4



Meizu is the first launch of their flagship, in 2013, but last year’s between them. This may not be a bad strategy, taking meizu however, because this would mean that the cost of the component has fallen out of the latest hardware supply chain is up and running.

We should see the launch of the meizu mx4 about nine and rumors, we can expect at least four mobile phones, from mediatek powered mode, samsung’s exynos devices. Each phone will work with lte launch, we also heard flyme4.0 will be released. Other details include a 2k display and 20-megapixel main camera and ultra-narrow border

Oppo N2


Yes, oppo oppo n1 expiring launched an upgraded version with a rotating camera. Oppo’s n1 has been on sale for some time, and even spawned a mini-version of the phone with lte.
An oppo’s n2 phone is likely to retain a rotating camera design, but lte received, more compact body, better optical performance. Tics.

Vivo Xplay 4



In vivo xplay3s its six inches 2k monitor launched in 2013 believe it or not, although ti is still one of the market’s most advanced mobile phones, we can expect the body to be planning to launch a new model soon.

Rumor has hinted that the future flagship in vivo may actually only 5 inches screen size with sapphire glass and metal body. We suspect that this will be the future for xplay phone xplay mode although generally large screen media guide