Top 7 Tricks to Find & Identify Song in YouTube Video

You may have experienced that while watching a YouTube video, its background music captivates your attention but you just jammed out to find it. This happens simply because you don’t have any idea about that music, as there is no information updated that can help in recognizing that song, right? People usually get frustrated by searching for long hours to identify music in YouTube videos but as they don’t know anything about the song, so all your tries go in vain. Although there are some chances of getting exact info regarding song if it has been posted by prevalent artists as they post the entire details of the video, yet it is not necessary. If these queries are lurking in your mind then stop wandering now. We are sharing some most practical ways that will assuredly help you in getting the details of background music. Just check it out:

Trick #1

The first trick will help you find the song via ‘Audio Swap Library’. Just below the video, you will get ‘Video Statistics’ icon. Just click on it. This will direct you to the entire information regarding that song, the album, artist, everything. But remember, you can use this option only if the music has been used from Audio Swap Library of YouTube. If that’s so, then it’s very easy to go through the details.

Trick #2

Twitter is a wide platform and you can get any information especially official updates and famous personality’s updates easily on it. This can also help you in identifying the song. For this copy, the video ID on YouTube, remember it’s not the URL, copy it and paste in the search box of Twitter. By doing so, you will get all those tweets which have mentioned the video in it. Now go through each tweet, as some people have surely shared the info on it. Also, you can contact the people who have shared that particular video on the Twitter platform and get the song details. You can use the URL too in finding via Twitter, but URLs may be different of each person but ID remains the same always.

Trick #3

Check out the comments on that YouTube video. In the comment section, you may get very useful information regarding background music. And can even come to know about the song itself. You can do so by clicking the link of ‘All Comments’. Now sort it ‘By Thread’. After that press Ctrl+F and it will pop-up the find or searching box. Here write down some keywords like the song, song name, tune, music etc. you will not need to read the entire comment section by going through above trick.

Trick #4

You can use a music finder app on your PC or smartphone. If the soundtrack in YouTube video is extremely prevalent then these apps can help you in identifying the music and even instrumental music easily. You can resort to SoundHound or Shazam or any other reliable music identifier app. Its working is very simple. You just need to install the app on your phone and then keep your phone near to speakers. The YouTube song finder app will play the song again and within a few seconds find the song for you. However, if you don’t want to install the app on the smartphone, you can install the desktop app, viz. Midoni and get the soundtrack conveniently.

Trick #5

If you have knowledge of YouTube song identifier software then you can easily extract the song. Some software is there which can help you in extracting that music, like, Sound Forge Software and many more are available. You just need to download video and the software will detect the song and inform you.

Trick #6

If nothing goes well, we always resort to Google to find a better answer, right? This time too, you can do so. If you understood a few lines, then put those in the search bar of Google, and then it will assuredly show you a way to reach that song. Simple, isn’t it?

Trick #7

You can compose YouTube message too and put details you know like, person uploaded video etc. You may get song info in its reply.

Hopefully, these all tricks will definitely help you in finding & identifying YouTube song.

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