Amusement Parks that Opened in 2019

Park lovers, read the following! Are you tired of always doing the same roller coaster? Do you want something new? Sensational? Here are 10 amusement parks that opened in 2019. All new theme parks or theme parks that have added new worlds.

1. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (United States)

When Disney bought Lucasfilms, they already had the idea to build a Star Wars themed expansion at Disneyland Resort in Los Angeles and at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. With the vast space expansion, visitors will enjoy two new attractions: a trip aboard the Millennium Falcon and a ride where you engage in a fierce battle between the Resistance and the First Order. Add to that a restaurant featuring the design of the Cantina of the first Star Wars, stores, and characters to take pictures with. Stay at Radisson Resort at the Port while you enjoy this park as many times as you want.

2. Ducati World (Italy)

The famous brand passes a course and launches its own amusement park. A park that will stand out thanks to the Superbike Race, a new kind of roller coaster that will allow you to compete in a vehicle, against other visitors. An interactive driving experience perfectly matched with the Ducati image. The park should open within Mirabilandia, in the municipality of Ravenna.

3. Rulantica (Germany)

The second most visited theme park in Europe (after Disneyland Paris) is about to become even bigger with the addition, at the end of 2019, of a gigantic indoor theme park. Called Rulantica, it will offer a full landscape immersion worthy of Pirates of the Caribbean, over several spaces, wooded or mountain.

4. Hunger Games Park (South Korea)

The opening of this park inspired by the adventures of Katniss should be a lot fun. Here we walk through several universes directly from the various films of the saga. The press release does not say if Jennifer Lawrence will be there too. A project of the Lionsgate studio.

Otherwise, to make Hunger Games in real life, go to North Korea.

5. The Spirou Park (France)

The Spirou Park is a bit of the underdog! Difficult to exist in France between Disney, Asterix, Puy du Fou or the Futuroscope. But nevertheless, Spirou does not demerit. There are 8 new attractions. This is well worth a visit. And besides, it’s not very expensive.

6. LEGO Movie World (United States)

See you in Florida to discover the new section of Legoland, dedicated to Lego films. An opening that coincides with the release of The Big Adventure Lego 2 at the cinema.

7. 20th Century Fox World Malaysia (Malaysia)

The famous studio follows its competitors Warner and Universal and launches its first theme park. A huge 25-hectare park with attractions drawn from films like The Ice Age, A Night at the Museum, The Planet of the Monkeys and Titanic. 25 attractions are planned in total. Promising!

8. Six Flags Zhejiang (China)

The American company Six Flags, which already owns several parks in the United States, announced the opening of multiple parks in China. The first, that opened in 2019, features attractions that focus on Chinese traditions as well as more Western-style attractions such as a carousel around the Garfield universe.

9. Six Flags Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Six Flags remains with a project launched in 2008 and repeatedly delayed because of gloomy financial details. But here, obviously, it’s good: Six Flags Dubai is ready and should open its doors in 2019. In total, there are 27 attractions that will be made available, with many restaurants and shops.

10. Calico River Rapids (United States)

We’re on Knott’s Berry Farm in California for the grand opening of the new Calico River Rapids. A park that has undergone a major renovation, with all-new West-themed attractions, crazy rides on the rapids and other exciting things.

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