App lock – Basic app to fulfill all password protection and locking needs of a Smartphone.


Smartphones are a thing of beauty and have existed from since the past two decades. What seems today quite visible is that our lives have become too dependent upon them. But that’s the nature of being addicted to something too much. We use apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more to socialize with our friends and families. However, while doing so, we see how our accounts sometimes get lodged up and we even face data losses. The apps we use sometimes become the reason of our struggles and hence it is important to do something about it rather than keep on suffering.

To make sure your interaction with the social media sites remains confidential, try using a third party software to avoid all such threats. App lock is an app where we found some reliable solutions to such problems. It lets you lock social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

A pin, pattern or a password is used to access your account and hence as long as you do not share your login details with anyone, you are good to go.

Official developers for App lock and gallery vault Also available on Google Playstore

App lock and Gallery vault for Android Classic Features:

Lock and protect apps:

Protect your apps and stay trouble free knowing your apps are safe.

Protect photos with encryption:

Quick encryption helps you get rid of the fear of photo duplication or unauthorized access to your private photos.

Cloud and secure backup:

Create a backup of your data into secure cloud accounts to recover them later again if you lose your data in any case. The topmost cloud accounts are Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box account. Choose any one or more of the account whichever is suitable to your needs.

Hacker and tracker:

Keep track of users who tried accessing your device without your consent or in your absence. Hence, if someone behind your back tries to access your private information of any type while the protection is on, you would get notified who exactly made that unauthorized attempt.

Organize Memories:

View, organize and sort all the secret picturesbased on date, day, month and year. Doing so helps you manage your data in an easy manner without facing any issues relating to data management.

Gallery lock:

In addition, you can protect everything that is stored in your Gallery and get a complete peace of mind knowing protection is on as long as you want.

Safeguard videos:

Protect videos and get rid of all the threats that exist around you relating to unauthorized access to your private videos. Hence, keep those videos safe that you love to watch again and again and don’t want anyone peeking into what belongs to you.

Pros/Plus Points of Applock:

  • Protecting multiple social accounts
  • Fat and quick

Cons of App lock:

  • Interface not user-friendly
  • Flashy

Final Words:

Overall, this app is an improved application that helps you keep all your apps protected even when you are not around as you have set a pin, pattern or password for protection while you are away. All the topmost apps like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, and more are covered and protected without any delay.

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