ARM, ARM64 And X86 Processors, What is the difference? Which is more superior?

Hey there, you must have heard of processors like ARM and X86 processors. In earlier days before the Google introduced Android 5.0 Lollipop, the processors were 32bit processors. After the Android 5.0 version, Google added support for 64-bit architecture based processors. The intel is a well-known brand for processors, but in the mobile segment, Intel has very less impact considering the competition. but in desktop, it dominates every competitor from a very long time. So the question comes which is the good one overall, Intel is the biggest rival to these ARM processors. Though the ARM processors win in the mobile segment. Let’s go into some details. Follow the post, ARM, ARM64, And X86 Processors, What is the difference? Which is more superior?

The Difference of CPU Architecture:

So what is the difference between X86 and ARM? There is a difference of CPU architecture in ARM and X86 based processors which differ them. The ARM processor based on the RISC i.e. (Reduced Instruction Set Computer). Whereas the X86 processors are based on the CISC i.e. (Complex Instruction Set Computer).

Thus the ARM RISC CPU’s is simple and most of the time instructions are simple and it does not take much time. Instructions are executed well in only one clock cycle. Whereas the CISC based CPU’s instructions are complex, the sets are larger. The CISC CPU’s takes much more time to complete the instructions. For example, CPU is told to do the mathematical operation of subtraction of two numbers. Then it will need to fetch the number from like an address- 1, then address 2 and add these two numbers in the address 3.

In the case of Android to install APK’s, GAPPS the system architecture is to be known. Though all the new processors are made ARM 64 so it’s now easy. But still, if you have X86 processor the APK, GAPPS will be the difference the custom ROM’s will also be different. Basically, X86 is desktop based processor and ARM is used in embedded devices, mobiles etc.

The Details And difference between X86 and ARM:

ARM X86 300x300

X86 Processors:

There are the processors made mostly for Desktops and Laptops. The Intel is the main brand for these types of processors. The AMD is rival of the Intel still AMD uses Intel’s architecture to build their processors. As we know earlier these processors are based on CISC architecture and these processors have very complex instructions. They take multiple cycles of CPU to take on each instruction.

ARM is when the battery efficiency is required. X86 processors made by Intel takes more battery and not as friendly to juice as ARM. It is the design of X86 processor which make it non-power efficient. Though Intel Atom processors similar to ARM made for the phone like Zenfone 2, Lenovo K80 etc.  The Intel Atom was based on the 22nm fabrication process. As we know the lower the fabrication process more is power efficiency.  So there will be ARM winner in the mobile segment which doesn’t need any high power source. But in the desktop segment, the ARM will not outperform the X86 processors.

The ARM Processors:

As we know earlier the ARM processors from since 90’s used in PDA’s mobiles etc. These devices don’t require any high power source to run. It requires more power efficiency. Here the ARM leads, ARM is a lot better in terms of the power consumption and efficiency than X86 based processors. ARM is based on the RISC architecture and these have simple instructions.

The processor performance is dependant upon the Cache, bus width and other parameters. The X86 takes the lead in the power. The X86 processors beat the ARM in case of power.

The ARM64 Processors:

The extension of the ARM processors is the ARM64 based processors. The ARM64 processors have a 64-bit architecture which is used in the desktop systems. Now the ARM has support for 64-bit architecture. Now, the ARM64 is powerful enough to handle the desktop PC. Qualcomm is already working on the processor that will handle the Laptop using ARM64 processor, that maybe Snapdragon 845 or 855, we will get to know it.

As the Laptops require more power efficiency, Microsoft is already working with ARM-based processors for Windows 10. So the power efficiency of ARM64 can be used in Windows 10 to increase the battery life and efficiency. ARM-based processors were not powerful enough to these type of tasks. But the things are changing now.

So, here I tried to explain the difference between X86 and ARM as per my knowledge. If you have any suggestion please comment in the comment box below.

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