Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development: Top 5 Apps

Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development: Top 5 AppsAugmented Reality App

Augmented reality app development has gained its popularity through the release of Pokemon Go in 2016. Then thousands of people were involved in capturing Pokemon characters all over the world. This app showed some possibilities of AR technology, but they still can go well beyond that. Alongside the entertainment and gaming, there are a lot of useful and immersive AR applications. Here is the selection of popular augmented reality apps, ranging from games to educational tools.

AR Mobile App Development for Education

AR mobile app developers offer new interactive applications for studying quite often. For example, Froggipedia is useful app that enables students to dissect a frog for learning purposes. With the help of Apple Pencil the app allows to explore the anatomy of a frog with no harm to its life. This app is popular among medical and biology students who have to research life cycle of an amphibian.


Another great application for medical studies is The Complete Anatomy app. It offers a three-day free trial and can be purchased for $24.99 on App Store. A huge amount of inner structures, such as bones and muscles, can be explored from any angle and animated to show how it works. In addition, there are a lot of learning materials and lectures prepared by experts. Not only students and lecturers can take advantage of this app, medical companies can use it to get a visual explanation of a diagnosis to their patients.


Augmented reality app development company can be helpful as well in studying astronomy. Star Walk 2 app, based on device’s location data, displays an interactive view of the sky. By pointing a camera skyward a user can have a detailed view of constellations and planets in real time. This platform gives immersive experience of exploring celestial bodies and can also be used as a game.


Augmented reality app development for fun

AR mobile app development creates new opportunities for communication. And here Wallame application comes into play. This app allows to share messages hidden in various areas: streets, walls and landscapes. The best thing about it is a secret sign that can be found only by the receiver in certain location. Not only notes, but also pictures, drawings and photos can be attached to a message. Leaving notes has never been so interesting and amusing. WallaMe is a free app and is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


For those who doubt about getting a tatoo, there is Ink Hunter app. Mobile app development company created this application to help users to decide on design and a place for a tatoo. It can be placed on the body by a camera and a user can see photorealistic pictures of what it will look like before getting a tatoo permanent. It is available to choose an art from the gallery or try out own design. Many artists have already appreciated this app.


You can see that AR technology can be easily used for various purposes. Unlike virtual reality, AR app does not require additional equipment, such as VR headsets, to augment the real world with digital objects. Augmented reality and mobile app development company – has a wide experience to create spectacular AR project for any kind of business.

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