7 Best Android Apps For Making New Friends

What do you miss most in a new city where you have recently transferred?

Friends… right?

Absolutely, we all miss our friends and so we feel bored in a new city. Making new friends is also not easy. Finding someone having same interest or liking the same food is tough to find.

So what can you do?

Hence, to sweep away the boredom, many casual hookup websites and social networking apps has been launched which can help you find new friends for you in a new city.

Social networking sites have been popular in few times ago for making new friends. But most of them are on the other activities rather than making those true friends.

Actually, they are not friend focused.

So to cope us this chance of making true friends, these apps are actually helpful.

The apps which make help you get new friends

In this article, I have shared some of those helpful friend making apps for you. Try them out and hopefully you will be happy.

  1. SKOUT

The new term used here is scouting or finding partners for your activities. Skout can help you find out gym buddies or even travelling buddies in the new city.

Plan up for any coffee in the weekend and find the companion in the skout. Even if you are having boredom time, meet someone within minutes or hours. Skout would tell you who can be available and who is nearby too.

The app let you first see the profile and then approach for friendship.

It is android and iOS based app and is totally free of any subscription.

  1. Peanut

Well this is an interesting app which is meant to be for the new mom. Being a mom and handling a baby on own is not an easy task to accomplish.

So let’s make some new friends like you i.e. new moms and share what you all think about your situation and babies.

Moms can match up their interest and then find the friends. Even it is not compulsory that you have to say about your kids. First be a friend and then do whatever you want to.

You can either have the group chat or the one to one chat so that you can share many things.

It is also an android and iOS app which is absolutely free.

  1. MeetMe

It is one of the apps which most of the people trusts and is popular.

It is all about meeting up your new friend and so you can locate anyone of your friend within your access within the designated time.

Even before meeting up you can also plan an events or a lunch plan or even a movie together.

This is for all platform- android, windows 10 and iOS.

Also the basic one is free which you can take up the premium one with a minimal cost.

  1. Bumble BFF

Most o you know this name in the list of the dating app.

But it is also an excellent app to find the best friends forever.

Bumble do its entire task at once. Once you match up with anyone, you need to contact them within 24 hours and then get some motivated message to meet with the match.

It’s all done upon a targeted time.

Android and iOS users can use this app.

You can get the basic features free but to take up the additional ones you have to pay for the premium version.

  1. We3

It is basically a friend focused app which is not at all a dating app. So don’t take up any stress about its work when downloading.

We3 is an app which promotes the friendship of same gender and in a group of three. It is best when it comes for a friend group.

The group of three friends is private until and unless you all match up with anybody else.

Friendship here is being done based on similar interests, activities and beliefs too.

So it’s fun and entertaining.

Android and iOS users can use it without any charge or price.

  1. GoFindFriends

New at New York City and looking for partners or friend for your local visits?

Then surely download this app and express your interest about visiting which place. With the vent calendar find up an event and send a request. Matching on profiles and interest, people who come up and make friendship with you.

  1. Plus one social

When you are busy at office or with your business, and want to have few friends when visiting pub or dinner, plus one social is perfect for you.

This app is for friends and also for dating. But it depends on your intention on how you are using it. Not everyone is allowed for messaging here. You need to allow a person to message.

This app is for the android and iOS platform which is free.

So let’s try any one of these and make new friends!!!

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