Blisspop Lollipop[Official]Rom For Redmi 1s


Blisspop Lollipop[Official]Rom For Redmi 1s


Rom Features:-

  • Official BlissPop
  • OTA Update Enabled
  • Many Reasonable Options
  • Pies Control
  • Gestures Anywhere
  • Applications Pens
  • Device Control To Control The CPU, GPU And There are more
  • Audio Equalizer FX
  • Pre Root
  • Battery Light Custom Options
  • Bread And Duel Notice
  • Performance Optimization
  • Improved Animation
  • Fully Customizable LockScreen, Power Options, Status Bar, And More
  • A Full Range Of Switch Options
  • Battery Life
  • Height Adjustment Performance
  • There Is More To Explore


Blisspop-ROm-Customization-in-Redmi-1S BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-Android-5.1 BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-Android-Lollipop BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-Lollipop BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-Official Lollipop-Official-BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-1 Lollipop-Official-BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-2 Lollipop-Official-BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-3 Lollipop-Official-BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-4 Lollipop-Official-BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-5 Lollipop-Official-BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-6 Official-BlissPop-Rom-For-Xiaomi-Redmi-1S-Android-Lollipop

How To Install:-

Step 1: – First, Make Sure You Have Flashed CWM Or TWRP Recovery, If Not Then Do So In Accordance With These Guidelines.

Step 2: – Into Recovery Mode.

Step 3: – Wipe Cache, Systems, Data, And Delvik Cache And Do A Full Factory Reset.

Step 4: – Now Refresh Download ROM Compression, Namely Flash After Gapps.Zip.

Step 5: – That’S It, Now Restart Your Device, First Start About 8 Minutes.




Download Blisspop Lollipop[Official]Rom

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop

ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

Based On: CyanogenMod

Status: Stable

Gapps :

Download Lollipop Gapps