How To Capture Photos/Images With A Whistle ?

Capturing photos have always been a part of any event, just to keep the memories of that particular event. Photos are now a part of life and when the baton comes to selfies, it takes away the lead to a different level. Nowadays, the android phones are offering a unique range of features and also big display screen. So, many times it becomes a difficult task to click a picture with the big display screen. If you are also facing such kind of problems, then how effective this would be if your smart phone can click the picture on a single voice command. If you are an Instagram lover, then this article is Holy grail for you. (P.S – You will also like these Instagram captions if you are a serious Instagram die-hard user of Instagram).

Capture Photos With A Whistle
Capture Photos With A Whistle

It might seem a very innovative and non-practical idea to some people but it is now possible to capture the photos with a whistle. Now, you can take a selfie with a wider range of people without any worry of slipping your phone from your hand. We have discussed all the steps with which you can make your phone also capture images. You just need to download an application if your smartphone does not offer an inbuilt feature.  We have provided a direct download link, you can simply download it from there.  Many Android phones have tried their best to capture photos without tapping the screen So, let us just dive into the next part of the section about how to make your smartphone able to use the feature.

The application which we are talking about is Whistle Camera. It is an android application which enables the user to click photos with a whistle. It has made taking pictures so easy and fun, all you need to do it to whistle and just give a pose, whistle camera will automatically capture your picture.

Just to make you get familiar with whistle camera, we have briefly mentioned some of the key features of whistle camera. It is not only popular for the whistle camera, but for the combo of plenty of unique features in a single application. Here are some of those features which makes it one of the best application to capture the photos with a single whistle.

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Feature of Whistle Camera

  1. Whistle detector camera.
  2. Highly defined photographs.
  3. Auto focus available.
  4. Volume up button also clicks the picture.
  5. Easy editing of picture.
  6. Promotes one hand picture.
  7. Customize your photo with filters.
  8. Share your photos.
  9. You can take selfie with timer countdown.

And many other features of fast ad secure gallery, landscape, and portrait orientation supported, easy to use interface, etc.

The developers have been fixing the issues and giving regular updates. Not only fixing the errors, they are providing the new features in latest updates of the application. Recently, the latest update was amended and added with new filters to design your photos better and in a unique style. Also, just shake and the video recording will start automatically. Isn’t that thing great and unique. Now you might be excited to use the application Whistle Camera.

So, for your convenience, we have provided all the steps one need to perform to successfully install and use the Whistle Camera. You just need to follow the below steps to install the application. The application Whistle camera is available on Google Play Store for free of cost. 

Whistle Camera - Selfie & More
Whistle Camera - Selfie & More

Sometime, you might be encountered by the alert dialog, which specifies that your device is set to block installation of applications obtained from unknown sources.

  • To allow the permission, go to settings>>security.
  • You have to check the unknown sources option.
  • You can now successfully install the application.
  • STEP 2: – After successful installation of the application, you will be welcomed with lots of welcome notes giving away the knowledge of features of the application. You just need to swipe all the notes and start the application.
  • STEP 3: – After starting the application, you need to set the language of the application.


Go to settings>>select language>> Preferred language.

  • STEP 4: – As, we have told you earlier that this application is very popular for its high-quality pictures. It offers you the option to adjust the picture resolution according to your need or choice.

  • STEP 5: – After setting the resolution, you have to follow another adjusting step. This time you have to adjust the level of Whistle detector sensitivity.

Note: – We would recommend you to set the Level 1, that is the best and also the most suitable for those who don’t know how to whistle properly.

  • STEP 6: – Now, everything is set. You are ready with your whistle camera. You just need to adjust the camera and focus it on the image and whistle and capture the image.

This application is available for free on Google Play Store. The unique is feature is becoming a trend day by day by its popularity. The only limitation of this application is not inside the application but outside the application i.e. it is not that much helpful for those people, who cannot whistle. Otherwise, this application is a total fun. Hope you install and enjoy the application.

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