How to Convert ISO Files to DMG Format Easily with 3 Method

Convert ISO Files to DMG Format: On the off chance that you are an OS Geek like me, and on the off chance that you are dependably up for find out about New and Old Operating Systems, at that point yes this article is for you. Utilizing a Mac OS on a Mac or MacBook may have made you mindful of the DMG Files, while you may have utilized ISO Files for Software on Windows OS. What’s more, with both the documents, you may need to change over to one from another, contingent upon the machine you utilize, and where you Got the Software from.

For instance, in the event that you are utilizing Windows 10, and need to run Windows XP in a Virtual machine, on the same, at that point you will require the .iso Image Files. While, if you have to Install Mac OS X Lion, then you will have to convert ISO Files to DMG. And, with this article, you can know How.

Steps to Follow: Convert ISO Files to DMG Format Easily:

Well, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first. All, you need to do is simply follow the steps below.

There are three ways, which you can do the same with. Have a look at those three below.

1). Using Terminal:

  • Go to the Finder Window>Open Terminal>Click GO-Terminal.
  • Then, type and enter the Following Command in the Terminal Window:
    hdiutil convert/folder/folder/file. iso-format UDRW -o/folder/folder/file.dmg

2). With Magic ISO:

  • Download Magic ISO Software First.
  • Install the Magic ISO and Set it up completely.
  • Open the App, and go to Open on Magic ISO.
  • Now, go to “Properties” and select the ‘Apple Disc Image” option.
  • Save “Apple Disc Image” Option.
  • And now you have your DMG Format File, which you just converted to from ISO.

3). With Power ISO:

  • First of all Download and Install PowerISO.
  • Now, Open Power ISO, go to File Menu and Select Open.
  • Go to the Properties and Select “Apple Disc Image”.
  • Save this Option now, and you have your ISO Files now in DMG Format.

And, that is all you need to do in order to convert any ISO Files to DMG Files with no issues or hindrances at all times. All of this seems simple, right? Well, even if it doesn’t I am embedding a Video down here, so you can watch it and learn what you really need to do for Converting ISO Files to DMG.

How to Convert ISO Files to DMG? Video:

Well, watching the video below, all your doubts will be gone in no time. So, go ahead.

Procedure to Convert ISO Files to DMG Format:

So, you see? This was too easy, wasn’t it? Well, if you are having to face any problems even now, then feel free to drop a comment or Message us via the Contacts Page on our website. Thanks for reading. We really hope this was useful. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned to this website for a lot more such content relating to Technology, which is useful to you.

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