Digiarty offers special giveaway of DearMob iPhone Manager 3.4 Full License ($65.95 valued)

For iOS users iTunes has become something of a necessary evil these days. The lack of functionality and the restrictions all make it a real pain to use, while all the DRM restrictions that are on it make you have to be extremely selective with the data you wish to store on YOUR device you’d think you’d have that freedom considering that you paid a thousand dollars for it. But the way things stand you’re stuck with a substandard software that does your picking for you. Of course you’re looking for change and we’ve found the perfect replacement for you. A software that lets you completely replace iTunes all while getting so many additional features in that you’ll be wondering why Apple remains so stringy with iTunes till date. The software is called DearMob iPhone Manager and we’re going to go over all the reasons why you need to jump ship to an iPhone Manager that actually lives up to its name.

We’ve done our research and after all the “iTunes replacements” we’ve tested out we’ve come to the conclusion that DearMob iPhone Manager ranks as one of the very best in what it does. DearMob helps you backup and transfer all of your files from your iPhone/iPad to your Mac/Pc and vice versa. But the difference here is that you can be as selective about your data as you want. Be it photos, music, video, contacts, books, calendar, voice, ringtone. You can transfer all of it from or to your iPhone and DearMob will act as the medium for it all. Let us take a deeper look at all the features of DearMob.

The best part? You can grab a full licensed copy of DearMob for free right now by simply visiting :https://www.5kplayer.com/iphone-manager/backup-iphone-without-itunes.htm, and registering for the giveaway they’re hosting on their website.


Easily backup and restore all your files

It literally takes one click to backup all your iPhone data to your Mac or Windows, restoring it is an even easier task. This makes it super easy for you to shift your all your data over to a new device as and when you need to. This is only when you’re trying to shift to a new iPhone, however if you’re trying to switch over from an Android you’ll have to backup your data to your Pc first then you can easily transfer it over to your new iOS device using DearMob iOS manager. You can also choose to encrypt all your data at once you’ve backed it up password protect it all and if you ever need to access it again, you’ll need that password again.

Backup your photos videos and music all without having to worry about DRM

DRM is an issue that has been plaguing iTunes users for a long long time. What it essentially does is stop you from transferring any files or data that you don’t legally own. That means you can only transfer over music that you’ve bought on iTunes and videos that you’ve bought/rented from legal sources. This stops users from transferring any pirated files that they might have on them or even any personal files at times. DearMob puts an end to it however by allowing you to transfer any file that is on your Windows/Mac to your iPhone, essentially treating it like a USB storage device. Additionally you can also backup all your calender entries, your iMessages and your contacts (if you haven’t backed them up to Google already)

Don’t forget to visit the link above to get a free copy of DearMob today

The software provided by them is genuinely top notch and only a fool would prefer to use iTunes over this. Yes we said it. Your move, Apple.

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