How to Earn money online in India : 8 Ways to Start Earning Online


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Even after being self-employed or working under any organization in India, are you looking for the reliable ways to make money online? If the answer is positive but you are still unable to choose the right path for getting an online earning opportunity in India then this is the most suitable place for you to have a basic idea regarding How to Earn Money Online In India. Before diving into the topic, I would like to make you aware that it’s not an overnight procedure to be a wealthy person. Just like the all other jobs, you have to give effort and meet the needs of the client in order to get paid. As the field of online jobs is diversified in nature, researching well before getting into this is recommended.

Let’s check out the most fruitful steps about how to make extra money in the following:

1) Freelancing:

Simultaneously with the growth of start-ups, the requirement of workers for different niche is increasing. Having the low budget, these start-ups do not always prefer full-time worker that’s why the freelancing opportunity has evolved so much. Apart from having the core skill required to perform the job like graphics designing, content writing etc., you should have good communication skill to make the client satisfied.

2) Perform easy manual tasks:

While surfing the freelancing websites, you will come to know about several small jobs which can easily be done from the comfort of your home. Just devote your free time to do these tasks efficiently and stick to the instruction provided by the client. By doing such tasks on the Amazon mTurk and Fiverr, your earning may start from $5.

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3) Start consultancy:

If you have a good knowledge about a particular field or more than one field, this being a consultant may make you benefitted. While being so, you have to share your valuable advice to the clients which in turn help them to uplift their business income by implementing several innovative marketing skills. Just making own website and getting the good review from the clients will help you to earn more.

4) Become a YouTuber:

The YouTube videos are just not at all uploaded by several persons to entertain the viewers. Find out your area of interest and produce quality contents to make attractive videos along with an oriented approach. As soon as your video is viewed by a large number of persons, monetize it with the available monetizing options present there. Simultaneously with the increasing numbers of subscribers as well as viewers, your earning will be boosted.

5) Earn money through Facebook/Instagram:

Make extra money through the social media like Facebook or Instagram becomes the latest trend as the social media gets involved very much in our daily life. Using the social media as a medium of promoting services, it can be one of the best ways to earn money online in India while you are a creator of a Facebook page based on technology or entertainment niche with a larger viewer base. Many times you will get the opportunity to promote others’ service through your own post in lieu of a high payment.

6) Earn from content writing:

The website content requirement is increasing day by day as we are being more concentrated on the internet in order ease our jobs. If you are good in English as well as you have sound knowledge of any specific niche then you should grab this opportunity without thinking about it twice. Just deliver good quality content and stick to the deadline to earn more and get positive reviews from the clients.

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7) Start affiliate marketing:

Being solely a modern marketing strategy, the affiliate marketing will not only be beneficial for the promoted company but also has enough potential to help you to make extra money. No matter whether you are a YouTuber or a blogger, just targeting perfect audience related to your published content will make you able to earn a lump sum amount as commission upon sale of that promoted product.

8) Become a blogger:

Blogging is one of the best methods in recent days to express own view globally. Rather than being confined to be a method of expressing views, the blogging has enough potential to be included in the ways to make extra money. Choose the blogging niche according to your knowledge as well as expertise in that particular field. Always try to publish catchy content having enough potential to attract readers. Simultaneously with the increase in the traffic to your blog, your never-ending earning will be started via different monetization methods.

Being an Indian, these are the best possible ways to earn passive income. As of now, you have already acquired decent knowledge regarding the entire earning procedure. Now, it’s your time to try any of these processes and earn a decent income by contributing some precious matters to the digital world.