How To Find Out Who Is Using Your Wi-Fi with Fing app

How To Find Out Who Is Using Your Wi-Fi with Fing app
Find Out Who Is Using Your Wi-Fi

Nowadays each and every person have their own personal wifi. Now every wifi owner always faces the data that some unknown people using his/her wifi without his permission.So here we are with the solution of  How To Find Out Who Is Using Your Wi-Fi. Here we have an application for android phone is called as Fing.

This app has been released in October of 2017. Fing supports on every Android smartphone above Android 4.1.1. It also has 4.6 rating in Google Play Store. Many users are satisfied with this app, as they have mentioned in the feedback section. This app included many tools. We have added the download link, instructions, and features of this app below.


  • Connectivity verification with Internet
  • Subnet
  • Device and network inventory
  • Detects intruders on the network
  • Support device identification by IP address for bridged networks
  • DNS and reverse DNS and more.
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  1. First of all download the Fing app from the play store.
  2. Open the app and click the refresh button.

fing ss

Then the connected devices will show to your screen.

fing ss 2


Fing - Netzwerk-Scanner
Fing - Netzwerk-Scanner

That’s it now you can easily track down who is using your wifi.

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