How to free track a cell phone

Nowadays, keeping everything under check is not amongst the simplest of things!

And if by chance you are a parent or the owner of a company, or both, then you are living the life of a workaholic, both outside and inside your house. So when you step out of your house you don’t know what your kids are up to and the same goes for your employees when you work from home. Are you certain that your kid really went for that camping trip with school? Can you be completely sure that behind your back all your employees are giving efforts at their best? To get the answers to the above questions all you have to do is to sign up for a spy app.

Why do you require a free tracking app?

There are must be a reason or two which coerced you to search for solutions online right? But if you want to know why you should register to a cell phone spy app then here are some reasons to help you understand:

  • Protect your kids– kids especially teens aren’t very keen on communicating with their parents these days. So does it imply you wouldn’t have details about their daily activities? With the installation of tracking software either free or paid now you can access their daily texts, calls, social media messages without even letting them know.
  • Suspicious partner– do you currently notice your partner acting a bit strange and distant? Well, you literally can’t stalk them out everywhere but you can definitely think about getting a spy software.
  • Keep a check on your employees– does your intuition tell you that one or few of your employees are up to something against you? Are they revealing your business strategies to your contenders? Install spying software as soon as possible and get them fired with substantial proof.
  • Track your phone– you can’t really predict when your phone slips out of your hand owing to your careless nature. And also the robbery of electronic devices is quite common these days. Now there are numerous options available where you can track your cell phone for free just by installing an app beforehand.

What is the process of tracking a cell phone?

To track a cell phone Follow these simple steps to ensure that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you would always receive alerts about your kid’s, employee’s or partner’s activities.

  • Login to the website from where you wish to buy the software or you can opt to use the free trial version as well.
  • Now from the online account, you would be directed to a page where you would be requested to download the app.
  • After that, there would be a lot of options available for you to pick, for example, track phone location, view text messages, check contact lists etc. tick those options for which you wish to receive alerts for.

Some apps even allow you to target a maximum of 5 numbers of devices. Even if the target device’s wifi and GPS mode are switched off, the app will send you the alert with the aid of known cell phone towers. The app you install would enable you to set and edit the frequency at which you wish to receive the alerts.


Most of these tracking apps have implemented device geolocation controls so now you can check if your partner or kid is spending time in a particular area quite often. And this geolocation feature wouldn’t stress you if you lose your phone, because most chances state this app will lead you to your lost or stolen device.

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