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The original xiaomi piston earphone, coming with basic edition, is made of metal composite techonology of the diaphragm. With the 3rd generation damping system keeps the sound more clear and balanced. The flat wire design makes it easily storage and durable. Microphone built in of the earphone, makes you conveniently answer phone call while enjoying music. It brings an excellent sound performance to your ears.

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Great Performance: The third generation damping balance system. optimizes the performance, delivers crystal clear music.

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Ergonomic Design: Fit your ear perfectly, comfortable to wear.
High-quality: The earbuds made of hign-end aluminium alloy material, delicate and durable, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch.

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Built-in Microphone: Hands-free calls, convenient in daily life.
Music Control: Music play and pause, enjoy your music world.

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