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Features & details

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  • Extension Freely for Fantastic Filming: Newly added 18cm long extension bar gives more enjoyment when taking selfies and taking group photo. It gives smartphone wider frame and the beautiful scenery can be framed in easily.
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  • Connect the gimbal with Vicool App, and continuously click the function button for three times, the smartphone camera lens will shift from back and front quickly.
  • Innovative smart phone mount: Quickly change shooting direction from horizontal to vertical. Easily adapt itself in different shooting scenes. Have better using experience when taking selfies and being in live show.
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  • BT Shutter Button: Two Solutions to Control the Smartphone from Vimble 2: The operation of bluetooth shutter button is fully upgraded. Through blue tooth connection between smart phone and Vimble 2, Vimble 2 can control the smart phone camera by the shutter button. And Vicool App allows more fantastic operations.
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  • Face Tracking: Slightly point the screen to lock face and you will be still the leading role in the camera. Object Tracking: Fingers slightly scratch the scree to lock the focus, And it can achieve intelligent following with deep simulation to ensure the focus not to be out of the frame.
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