So, It’s Your First Bad Grade…How to Deal with It in College?

College is not easy. You know that. We know that. Everyone knows that. Even though classes seem laxer than when you were a high school student in term of tough scheduling, there are dozens of issues in college routine that can impact your academic progress in a negative way.

Whether it’s about socializing too much here and there, partying hard in clubs on the weekends, not doing your homework on time or just simply struggling with the subjects, it is important to keep in mind that things happen, including low grades.

There’s no need to be screaming with agony! We know that poor college scores aren’t fun, which is why we have come up with a list of great ways to help you deal with your first bad grade in college and overcome it as quickly as possible. Life will go on, no matter what!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

Without a doubt, your first reaction to getting your first bad grade may be willing to kill yourself a bit, because you know that’s not something that you deserve. While you may be too hard on yourself, ensure to keep in mind that people aren’t perfect and C’s and D’s happen from time to time even to the best and the most hard-working students. Do not be too hard on your poor self since the bad grade never reflects who you are as a person, as a student or anyone else.

Chances are your first bad college grade will turn into some sort of a shock – especially if you feel it was unfair that the tutor has given one to you. Again, make sure to remember that college is a completely different experience than the one that you’ve already had. Keep on working hard, and don’t forget that in college, failures are an integral part of the way you have to cover to succeed.

Talk to a Professional

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Share Happiness and Sorrow with Your Friends

If you’re not good at persuasive essay writing and the way you take tests leaves a lot to be desired, try studying with a group of pals who are in the same boat. If you take the same classes, you will be able to share some precious pieces of advice that will help you to succeed when you’re in class.

Set Up a Meeting with the Tutor

Having a talk with the professor and setting up a time to meet tête-à-tête is usually the best way to learn a lesson from a low grade. The point is that a meeting helps both – the instructor and the student. The latter has an opportunity to learn how to communicate with college tutors and know what to expect from them. No matter how scary and intimidating it may sound, if you do approach your instructor regularly, soon you will stand out from the classmates and prove that you really care about your education.

Get a Laugh!

If you’ve been waiting for the best moment to watch good old Friends, it is now! Go and watch some of the best episodes, have a girls pajamas party and relax. Try not to think about college, assignments, professors and bad grades…tomorrow is another day. If you can’t let the whole thing go, it will put you in a bad place that is the thing you have to stay away from when getting your hands on the next paper or test.

Let It Motivate You

Your first bad grade in college is something you’re not going to forget that fast. It will cause a real whirlwind of negative emotions such as sadness, disappointment, guilt, and anger. Don’t let these emotions bring you down! Instead, let them motivate you. Feel free to use them as fuel for your next essays, term paper or exam. Life is too short to cry over a bad grade, and since the college years will go by in a flash, ensure to make the most of this precious time. See the grade, learn from the grade and hurry up proceed to the next opportunity to prove the proficiency of your knowledge.

Exercise & Get Enough Sleep

Work-out, eat delicious and nutritious food, sleep for seven hours or more. Keep away from drinking too much, doing drugs or smoking. These sins will never help you deal with your emotions, control your fears and boost your academic scores. Instead, they will negatively affect your moods and personality. It’s hard to predict the possible consequences in this case.

After all, the moral of the story is that getting D is not going to ruin your life in any way. Just ensure you exert every effort to get into the next graded test, project or home assignment. Regardless of what way you decide to go, be it talking to the professor or studying regularly with a group of friends, make sure to remain positive! Your life is not going to end because of that grade, and you certainly have a chance to make it up on the next assignment.

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