How to Increase Instagram Followers and Engagement


Instagram today, is one of the biggest social networking platforms to interact with the audience across the world. If you are an influencer, a social worker, or just have laid your footsteps into business, Instagram is an amazing platform to engage millions of audience across the world with your activities, products, and services.

In this article, we will take you through a brief introduction on Instagram and it’s an algorithm, and also take you through the top 5 hacks of increasing your followers in no time!

In Instagram, audience engagement is based on gaining followers, their interaction with your posts, and their eagerness to look more from you.

How to gain Instagram Followers Ethically with Maximum User Interaction

Now, we will talk you through the tips and tricks for gaining Instagram followers without any bot or software as follows-

1. If you are running a business, make sure to have a complete business profile displaying your Brand with an interesting caption, URL of your business website in the bio with brief information and also keep interesting stories about your products in highlights. If you want to have a look at interesting Instagram Bios then you can have a look at the link above.

2. Make sure to use hashtags for each of your stories, posts, and videos relevant to your products. It helps the audience find easily your business account when they search for those products.

3. Make sure to use the IGTV live video feature. For example- if you are running a make-up brand, you can give a live demonstration of your makeup products through IGTV video. Also, include voting polls and Ask me Anything stickers in your Instagram Stories to interact with the audience.

4. You can ask your friends and colleagues to promote your Business Instagram profile and to make things more interesting, you can offer them discounts for boosting up your followers. You can even create Youtube videos showing demonstrations of your products and use the Swipe up to view feature for more audience interaction and gaining more followers.

5. Make sure to use descriptive long captions for your product images. It is one ethical way to make your Instagram account popular due to your dedication and time spent on the posts. Don’t just give a one-line description or only hashtags. Let your audience know more about your services and products. This is said to be the best feature of the Instagram application.

Well, that’s that form us on part of tips and tricks on growth backing your Instagram profile

Wrapping Up

Instagram followers and audience engagement are correlated. So, instead of using the Instagram bots full of scammers, try these ethical ways to engage more with your audience with creative content and end up gaining maximum followers organically.

One thing is for sure and that is you need to remain consistent while following these hacke to increase your followers in regular intervals as nothing happens overnight.

Thank you for being such a kind reader and keep following the blog for more such valuable posts.

The post is not sponsored by Instagram and It’s development team respectively

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