How to Prepare for Microsoft MCSA 70-417 Exam & Advance Your Career As Networking Professional

Microsoft 70-417 exam – widely known for MCSA certification by Microsoft is one of the toughest exams to appear. It is taken by the professionals to upgrade their skills to Windows Server 2012 and be certified for the same. The exam comprises of three standalone exams which together comprise the certification. The standalone exams can be taken separately or as a series to appear for the exams, these are:

  • Microsoft 70-410 exam
  • Microsoft 70-411 exam
  • Microsoft 70-412 exam

All of the exams are to be one after another without any long break in between to be certified with a Windows server 2012 MCSA. It is the overall score that determines if you have passed the certification.

Candidates from all around the world apply for the examination. One of the critical things to work on is the relative study of the three tests together as the students don’t get separate time to prepare for each exam. Therefore, the degree requires holistic knowledge of all three exams together!

Microsoft 70-417 exam has certain eligibility criteria which need to be met by the students before registering themselves for the exam. While relevant school and college degrees are vital, there is also an added need of getting the training done first. The quantified training gives the practical knowledge of the subject and has to be completed in order to appear for the examination.

The Microsoft 70-417 exam needs thorough preparation and mind full learning. Here are some of the tips to easily clear the Microsoft 70-417 exam!

How to start!

Starting with the prep for the exam means accumulating the things you would require throughout your learning schedule. Therefore, seeking the expert advice, connecting with the previous year students and finding the reference materials help. Just take in positive insights from people of the same field to know about the aspects you would be required to pay attention.

Gather the study materials

Study materials shape your knowledge and prepare you for the exams. The right module can help you cover the entire syllabus easily. As the Microsoft 70-417 exam is divided into three tests, try to find individual modules for each of them. Find out which reference book works for which subject and pick them up accordingly. Do not collect more than two reference books for each subject.

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Learn the exam objectives

Not every student pays notice to the exam objective, motives and the syllabus on an entirety. However, it helps in figuring out what should be prepared well. Look for the exam objectives and syllabus carefully to understand what needs to be prepared thoroughly and what needs to be avoided. Generally, books contain way more information than is required as per the syllabus. So select right and prepare.

Prepare with practical practice

All of the study material of the Microsoft 70-417 exam has the practical aspect to it. It is essential to prepare for both the aspects well. Therefore, when you begin with the preparation, try to install the program on your computer and practice it alongside to get a real life scenario of it. This emphasizes the learning and helps in better understanding.

Practical training

The Microsoft 70-417 exam requires practical understanding; therefore, the training is mandatory. Work for a company to learn the basics of the programs. This will help you get the grasp of the subjects better.

Prepare for all three tests together

Microsoft 70-417 exam does not allow a gap between the three tests. As a candidate is required to take the exams one after another, it is crucial that you prepare for the exams altogether. Keep in mind the subjects associated with all three tests and keep preparing for all alongside.

Mock Tests

Mock tests are a wonderful way to evaluate your preparation. Starting to take up mock tests one or two months before the exam helps you find the areas where you are weak. Check on the mock tests and return back to polishing on the subjects for future. There are certified mock test modules available for the students to use before the examinations. Take up one mock test each day to learn about the preparation and polish your knowledge each day.

Learn the important aspects

The Microsoft 70-417 exam has certain important aspects to cover. The technical features of Windows server 2012 R2, desired state configuration (DSC), joined servers, a directory of IaaS in Windows, etc. are some of the areas which need polished knowledge. Make sure you don’t miss out on the course key areas.

Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC)

Microsoft official curriculum is the official class that is hosted by Microsoft to help the students prepare for the exam. This is an online module that is created with a network of learning partners. With professionals giving virtual classes on subjects and the key aspects, it becomes easy for the students to learn and practice the syllabus in the desired way. As the class is hosted by the Microsoft hosted there remains an utmost trust that the knowledge shared is at par with the requirements of the exam.

Relax before the exam

After you have thoroughly prepared for the exam, it is important to relax too. The months of preparation needs time and patience to bring out the best for your final day. Keep the study light and let your mind be calm. You shall be able to perform your best when you are not at stress.

The Microsoft 70-417 exam is a tough nut to crack. But with the right knowledge and preparation, one can certainly make the best attempts at getting it cleared easily. Sign up for the official classes hosted by the Microsoft or take up experts advises – be sure that when you prepare you to try to put together all of your attention to the syllabus and learn it well. As the exam is held in three parts securing good scores in all three are important. It becomes easy when you are prepared for all three from the beginning!]

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