Inpact of Social Media on Youth in 2018

The hype of Social Media started about a decade back when mobile phone technology and internet came together to boom and produced innovations in the form of third-party apps.

The third party apps included Social Media apps, games, featured apps, and so much more. We will be specifically talking about the social media apps

In this article, we will be talking about te impact of Whatsapp on youth, the hype of social media, and how social media as a whole have positively and negatively affected the youth.

Coming to the point of impact of Social Media on youth, Whatsapp in particular with features like Funny Whatsapp Messages, Sending Happy Birthday Images, Docs, and other files along with the feature to allow its user’s to call each other via normal, and video call is a bonus!

There are other features as well that connect and attract today’s youth such as able to send Hindi Love Shayari with Images and impress your loved one, send current location so that people can know where you aare,and so much more. It is in total able to compromise features which can be used by the youth and also the older generation fo maximum benefits and that’s the reason that there are more than a billion users of whatsapp.

We will also talk on hhow othersocial media apps such as Instagram that lets you uupload pictures videos, live stories, follow other people have attracted the youth to engage and create personal and brandable content. It  has given life to the term called Influencer, and the same goes with Snapchat that allows to add people and put up live stores in form of images and videos accordingly.

Facebook in total has rebranded itself by purchasing Instagram, it also allows you to put live updates inform of images and videos along with normal status update and pictures/videos uploading feature. Facebook in itself has been a group of all the features such as chat option, call option, and others.

So, now that we look into it and see how Social Media has become a part of daily life for Youth and also, we have been seeing different examples on how they can’t live without the same. There are certain pros and cons to go with it but in general, the number of cons are higher than pro’s.

That’s it from us on the part of the impact of social media and WhatsApp in specific on teenagers/youth in 2018; the list was curated after looking into the different opinion of various experts across the globe in 2018.

Final Words –

In this article, we have talked about te impact of Whatsapp on youth, the hype of social media, and how social media as a whole have positively and negatively affected the youth.

Thank you for reading the article, and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite points or if your favorite point is already listed above.

The post in no way sponsored by any Social Media company and its development team respectively.

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