LG G3 Remove Lag and Improve Performance


LG G3 Remove Lag and Improve Performance



LG’S G3 Is A Great Phone With An Awesome 5.5 QHD Display. Because It Is I Go To Android Devices Continue It Even At Home I Replaced The Nexus 7. However, Many People Complain About Lag, Performance Issues, And Quite Sluggish User Interface. But Why Is This Happening? It Looks Like LG Electronics Decided To Implement This Will Slow Down Your CPU 1.5 GHz, And Once It Hits 60 ℃ Of Thermal Limiting. Fortunately, There For Repair 🙂 Although I Personally Would Recommend Flashing A Custom ROM, And Use The Throttle Repair, You Can Just Go And Repair. This Article Will Tell You How To Fix The Lag, Improve Your LG G3 Performance.
As With All Android Depth Adjustment, You Need A Rooted Device With A Custom Recovery. Fortunately, The Past Few Months Can Be The Root Of Most Of The LG G3 Version Of The Tool. Check Out Our Guide LG G3 Root Before We Start. As Previously Mentioned, There Are Different Methods And Procedures Fixed Hysteresis:

  • Install A Custom ROM And Hot Fixes
  • Remove Bloatware & Install Thermal Fix
  • Only Install Hot Fixes
  • I Personally Recommend To Go All Out With A Custom ROM And Hot Fixes, Other Ways To Improve The User Experience

I Would Personally Recommend To Go All-In With A Custom ROM And The Thermal Fix, The Other Ways Will Also Improve Your User Experience

1. CloudyG3 and hot fixes
CloudyG3 is currently the best and most popular LG G3 ROM. It uses LG official G3 operating system, but there are tons of adjustment and performance improvements. Features include (including)

  • SuperSU root access
  • Busybox of + runparts
  • Debloated
  • Comprehensive AdAway
  • Call records
  • ViPER4Android

I have tested various ROMs for the LG G3 and this is definitely one of my favorite. While I usually prefer to stock full of Andr oid experience, I can not recommend any AOSP based ROM at

the moment. Why? Because the camera is terrible. Let’s hope there is a quick fix to. ROM installation is very straightforward, once you get root access, and install TWRP.

  • Boot into Recovery (turn off the phone, press and hold the power and volume until the LG logo appears, release the key, then press and hold the button until asked to reset the device; if
  • TWRP installed correctly, it will load after)
  • Eral (Dalvik, the cache, and data)
  • Flash CloudyG3
  • Installation Aromatherapy installation
  • Reboot

That’s it. Very simple, right? After the device has been started, you can return to the second step and installed hot fixes.

2. Install LG G3 throttle repair
If you skip steps 1 and LG is still a deep-rooted stock ROM, I can only suggest to improve the performance of the device first remove bloatware. Of course, we’ve got you covered with a guide.

After that you can continue to install throttle repair. Although there are different versions, I would recommend using the version of 75 °.

  • Click here to download the hot fix
  • Navigation system / etc and look hot engine 8974.config, heat engine, thermald.conf and thermald-8974.config. Make a backup of these files
  • Restart Recovery
  • Hot Fix Installation
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Reboot
    That’s it. You should see a performance boost immediately. Have fun and leave the questions and feedback in the comments section below.