MIUI 6 skin Like To Much IOS-7/8


MIUI 6 skin Like To Much IOS-7/8


MIUI millet generation after release, not only the domestic IT media coverage before the fear of war, and even many foreign media also be placed on the headlines. However, the evaluation of positive and negative each mixed, such as regular reporting phones Phonearena came so one: You know what? New MIUI 6 millet skin is the most you’ve ever seen, “shameless” in iOS plagiarist.


In the report, Phonearena case said: ” millet, one is often called ‘Chinese Apple’ company, has just released their latest MIUI 6 Andrews skin, and 7, iOS 8 system get a lot of inspiration from Apple’s iOS . ”

From translucent, frosted glass effects background wallpaper, to a similar flat monochrome background icons, and calendar, compass, timer, calculator and other APP are designed exactly the same with the Apple iOS, can be seen as a complete replica.
Curiously, before the conference, former vice president of Google Android, vice president of millet millet International also said no to imitate Apple. Interestingly, CEO Lei Jun millet and Steve Jobs also wore similar clothes to attend millet recent activities, and prepare a similar speeches, and finally to “one more thing” at the end. I do not know whether the six MIUI would bring attention to the design of Apple’s legal department.

In fact, after the apples, homemade ROM are playing flat today, we seem to have become accustomed to this, and not accustomed to seeing strange.
Can foreigner felt fresh, you see. “They even copied the Apple iOS”. Oh, man, used to like, easy to use on the line, is not it?

miui-6-6 miui-6-4 miui6-3

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