MIUI V6 All Features

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MIUI V6 All Features

1x1.trans - MIUI V6 All Features


Xiaomi launched its latest and improved version of miui rom! From the launch in beijing brought us all the details and facts about the miui v6 engine for you.

If you’ve been concerned about the millet close america, you know the new miui v6 engine with millet mi4 already announced some time ago together. Finally, millet now moved to a new look and features a new v6 engine miui with new design and stunning.

Miui v6 engine – this is all about design

1x1.trans - MIUI V6 All Features

we follow very closely the launch of miui v6. See the introduction official website, and launched, it seems the biggest change is really new miui v6 engine design. From brewing to see miui v5, and a cleaner miui v6 engine

Moreover users can get a new notification system, more cloud services and faster user interface. As we can see, there is no test miui v6, however, new features

MIUI V6 Desktop

1x1.trans - MIUI V6 All Features

In miui v6 engine, you will immediately find the biggest difference is that the new miui launcher. In miui launcher only equipped with a sound like, xiaomi also worked on the user experience and speed. Millet said that it is now faster and easier to use.

Notifications MIUI V6

1x1.trans - MIUI V6 All Features

Notifications are much easier to read now in miui v6. Calls, messages or downloads are at the top of the screen by a large black notification bar announced. The new notification bar should improve the user experience, and using miui v6 engine is more flexible.

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When a call comes in, if you want to take pictures, then the new notification bar will tell you that the whole is called. You can simply decided to take pictures, and then answer the phone, or a phone call depending on who does not answer the phone.

Miui v6 engine there is also a new shortcut notice. And on the lock screen simpe something you can see how much new information there. A button, just push the button, you can read from the lock screen direcly.

MIUI V6 on your Xiaomi

1x1.trans - MIUI V6 All Features

Now millet has a large user base. This means, millet and their servers are able to collect a lot of useful information. If you allow xiaomi also some of this information can actually improve your daily life and user experience.

You often get calls and simply ignore them, because you do not know how many? If this is an important delivery or your new boss calls, which xiaomi may be stored on its servers have two numbers. With new cloud features millet miui v6, you now have the opportunity to identify these calls. This works even if you have not saved on your account or phone contact data.

Now millet has been stored for more services and business telephone number of the 600,000 yuan to help users identify who is calling. Confident that they will be more extended on the basis of this data, which may be a very useful feature of it. Also add a certain layer of security, because it is more effective in stopping fraudulent calls

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1x1.trans - MIUI V6 All Features

Some applications of the miui v5 has only given a new design and more features, such as e-mail application. Also, although entirely in miui v6 in the new application.

New miui live and work applications and user location. By the user of the application can discover new places around the rustic charm. Xiaomi, even including food and movie tickets close to the user’s location the best prices.

The most important numbers with the new yellow pages application, you can easily be obtained directly from the application

1x1.trans - MIUI V6 All Features

Some of the miui v5 application only gives a new design and more features, such as e-mail application. In addition, although entirely new application miui volumes.

Miui new life and location of work applications and users. By the user of the application can be found around the rustic charm of the new place. Xiaomi, even including food, movie tickets close to the user’s location the best prices.

The most important figures with the new yellow pages applicwhile these new applications, it sounds very good, and now they only designed for launch in china. Especially miui life applications will not be customized malaysia yet, we have seen that when this information will come to malaysia. Crowd-sourced solutions to fill the application and malaysia useful information would be great. So what makes xiaomi plan thereation, you can easily get directly from the application

MIUI V6 more themes on online

1x1.trans - MIUI V6 All Features

Theme has been an important part of the miui operating system. If you do not like the new plate appearance miui v6 engine, you can easily download another theme to customize your experience. There are a total of 5000 different themes and miui looks available.

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Download the new MIUI V6 For Xiaomi Device 

now MIUI 6 only for xiaomi smartphone but miui 6 coming for more top smartphone

here is the official link of MIUI ROM download page –http://www.miui.com/download.html


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