Official Android Lollipop 5.1 Emui 3.1 Stable Released For Honor 4c

Official Android Lollipop 5.1 Emui 3.1 Stable Released For Honor 4c


Huawei India Promised They Will Released Stable Lollipop For Honor Phones In September, September 21 Honor 4c, Honor 6 September 25, Honor 6 Plus September 29, Honor 4x October 20, Today 21 September So Huawei India Released Lollipop Android 5.1 With Emui 3.1 For Honor 4c.

Lollipop Emui 3.1 Features 

  • New UI Themes
  • Camera App
  • Music Player
  • New Notification Panel
  • Fast Search
  • More Stable
  • Better Performance
  • Better Battery Backup
  • Android 5.1

Emui 3.1 Camera Features 

  • Time-lapse photography
  • Super Night Mode
  • Translate
  • Water Mark
  • New Effects


Honor-4c-Emui-3 (5)

Honor-4c-Emui-3 (3)




Who Can Install?

Honor India Users Will Get The Update Via Ota Also You Can Install Manually. Also Honor 4c Malaysia, Pakistan, Europe, Uk, Philippines Users Also Can Update This Via Manually

⇓⇓Download honor 4C – Android 5.1⇓⇓

China B425 firmware from January 04, 2016 (EMUI 3.1, Stable ) Version: B425 (EMUI 3.1) from January 04, 2016,

Malaysia, India, Indonesia, region – hw / spcseas)  Android 5.1 
B390 on 


Firmware B330 (EMUI 3.1), the OTA update from B310 to B330 + Review
Firmware B320 (EMUI 3.1, Stable ) Full firmware, of. site B320 (OTA – update from B310, Yandex Drive) 

Pakistan Android 5.1 
Firmware B310 from November 04, 2015 (EMUI 3.1, Stable )

EU Android 5.1 
Firmware B310 (EMUI 3.1, Stable ) Mirror on




  • Download The Lollipop Zip Unzip It
  • Copy dload Folder To Internal Storage
  • Go To Setting -> System Update -> Local Update -> Backup Your Data And Start
  • Phone Will Auto Reboot After It Done

Notes -: First Unroot And Install Stock Recovery To Install Lollipop If  You Have

Source-: Honor India Blog


Any Problem So Comment Below….. :-) :-) :-)

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  1. Saad Khalid says

    I have build number v100r001c185b067
    Will this lollipop work on my 4c?? It is ksa build but this update is not stated for ksa build.can i update without any risk of bricking the device??? I have only one device and i don’t wanna lose it.please reply to my email [email protected]

    1. rajajana says

      If You Have CHM-U01 Then You Can Install It

  2. Nelson Monteiro says

    I have G Play Mini CHC-U01, will it work for me?

    1. rajajana says

      No Its For CHM-U01

      1. Drishya Nayan says

        Can u pls make it compatible with CHC-U01? It seriously needs an update.

    2. Eduardo Codina says

      I have a G play mini too,huawei honor 4c (CHM-U01) and g play mini (CHC-U01) is the same device with diferent name so I think it will works like it worked with roots and recoverys 4 android kitkat

    3. Eduardo Codina says

      Tryed to install in g play mini and fail,I dont think Its failed by the device,the new rom has no compatibility with the compilation of my room v100r001c432b069 and I dont know why I cant update to b120,somebody can help me with that? the installation fails at the middle of the process and Im stuck in b069

  3. chalimi says

    when its loading in installation sudenly stopped and instalation failed.

    1. rajajana says

      you need unroot your device first or re flash the stock emui 3.0 then install lollipop

  4. Jacky William Gomez says

    Ram used more than Kitkat & Battery backup is draining faster than Kitkat.

    1. rajajana says

      reset your device and check

      1. Jainer Cabebe says

        how was your 4c now? does it use more ram and drain much faster?

  5. عدیل مشتاق says

    How i can install stock recovery?

    1. rajajana says

      Use Huawei Update Extractor Extract RECOVERY.IMG From using Huawei Update Extractor then flash it in fastboot mode with fastboot tool

      1. saif says

        I cant find stock recovery. How can I download it?

        1. rajajana says

          Use Huawei Update Extractor Extract RECOVERY.IMG From from the rom using Huawei Update Extractor then flash it in fastboot mode with fastboot tool

  6. Jainer Cabebe says

    any update on the people who already updated there 4c? what happen to your unit? did the lolipop version did anything on your ram and battery life?

  7. عدیل مشتاق says

    I have installed cwm recovery. Now how i can get stock recovery to install this update?

    1. rajajana says

      Use Huawei Update Extractor Extract RECOVERY.IMG From using Huawei Update Extractor then flash it in fastboot mode with fastboot tool

      1. عدیل مشتاق says

        Thanks for help

  8. Drishya Nayan says

    Pls. work on for CHC-U01. Seems the device is neglected for updates…. I hoped this update would work on G Play Mini but after reading the posts, I just got disappointed.

    1. Eduardo Codina says

      I think we have to wait to chc-u01 update to lollipop,but pls can you tell me if you or any g play mini (CHC-U01) user who read this, updated to b120 because I cant, the update always fail at the installation. I continue stuck in b069

  9. amir says

    how i can upgrade b120 to lollipop? chm-u01

      1. saif says

        dis link is not work

  10. Abdallah Ayoub says

    When I install it , I get “version check fail ” software install failed”
    I have build number v100r001c185b067

    plz help me

    1. Faseeh Shahzad says

      same problem help

  11. Francis Rico says

    hello sir 🙂 my build number is CHM-U01 V100R001C636B070 is it compatible in this type of build or do i have to downgrade it to

  12. Hemendra Chaudhary says

    Huawei G Play Mini CHC-U01, B320
    Problem after upgrading to 5.1.1;
    >>The internal storage is heavily captured
    >>Apps unable to move to SD card.

    Final Option: Root the device
    So, Can anyone guide me for rooting Huawei G Play Mini, CHC-U01 updated with android 5.1.1 and EMUI 3.1.?

  13. Kylle Christiann Saga says

    Hi! I tried to update huawei honor 4c to lollipop and I thought it was upgrade for it showed upgrade complete and then after the reboot nothing change. Can you tell me whats going on? I’m from Philippines

  14. Guiding star says

    I upgrade my chc-u01 to lollipop but there is internal storage problem. I loss my 4gb of internal memory and i cant update the factory applications. When i update the factory applications system keep both old and new applications. So my internal storage is every run out and i cant download new application. Plz help me.

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