OnePlus One Stock Full HD Wallpapers Download


OnePlus One Stock Full HD Wallpapers Download

1x1.trans - OnePlus One Stock Full HD Wallpapers Download

The OnePlus a year of the most hyped smartphone, and why it has been successful in attracting the attention of the world within the scope of the reasons is a contrast. Under normal circumstances, the smart phone hardware specifications and features corresponding to its price, but in the case OnePlus one thing is different. Hardware wise it has a top specification, you can match all the flagship phone from top companies, but when it comes to price, OnePlus one beat them.

16GB variant of the phone to only $ 300 for the 64GB model, you have to spend just $ 50 or more. The OnePlus a price is its most prominent strength to leave behind all the others there. This is why OnePlus a manufacturer called “2014 flagship killer” reasons. The phone sports:

5.5 inches 1080p full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) display
2.5GHZ Snapdragon processor 801
Onboard memory 16GB / 64GB
The GPU is Adreno 330,578 MHz
13MP primary and five million pixels, vice camera
Battery 3100 mA when
GSM, WCDMA and LTE connection
Currently, the device is by invitation to the selected users, which will be provided to the user in the open market since July. However, if you want to have incidental OnePlus a wallpaper, you can get them right now. We gather together most OnePlus a stock wallpaper in full HD quality. There are 25 wallpaper package out of which six are 2160 x 1920 pixels in size, but they are in the rest of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

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It does not provide all the wallpaper in the package they came from a OnePlus. Some of them are old, while others are designed by different people. However, all the wallpaper has something to do with the device way or the other. We will add more wallpapers a OnePlus, they are available.

Download OnePlus One Stock Full HD Wallpapers:-


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