How to Open MP4 file Extension On Windows Pc

How to Open MP4 file Extension On Windows Pc

The MP4 format is an additional plug-in to MPEG4, which is a standard for storing encoded multimedia content (audio files, video content, etc.). In fact, MP4 is a technical specification, the demands for which are set in the international standard ISO 14496-1.

It is mistakenly assumed that in order to meet the requirements of the ISO standard, it is necessary to determine two components – the method of video compression and the file that is the data store. But in fact, it’s enough to implement only a part of MPEG4 to satisfy the provisions of ISO.

Thus, MP4 file Extension is a container for storing data, which is an integral part of MPEG4. Such data can act as the most diverse multimedia content, including video fragments, audio tracks, subtitles, images and textual information. It has support for high-quality content, for example, 3D graphics and interactive user menu. But in any of the above cases, the MP4 format is a streaming file.

MP4 can be two main versions – it’s audio/video data formats MPV and M4A. A specific extension of MPR is used as a ringtone on all kinds of mobile gadgets.

MP4 – an integrated container for storing multimedia content in MPEG4. That’s why the same type of software as for MPEG4 conversion is suitable for its conversion.

The importance of MP4 in the processing and storage of multimedia content is difficult to overestimate: being the main file-container of MPEG4, it not only provides the process of audio and video compression, but also supports their high-quality reproduction of streaming data.

Video format MPEG-4 uses separate compression for audio and video files. The video is compressed with MPEG-4 video coding. The audio is compressed with compression AAC – the type of audio compression used in .AAC files.

A file of this format can be opened by different players. Here are a few of them:

  1. Media Player Classic – a small, convenient, functional and very smart audio-video and flash player. Distributed freely, written in C ++, has the open source code, works only under Windows. The player interface is translated into 22 different languages. Externally, the player looks like Windows Media Player v6.4, but it differs greatly from it in speed, stability, and functionality.


Media Player Classic Download

  1. VLC Media Player – a multifunctional player, which has a full set of options that allow you to view video files in different formats with maximum comfort. The utility is distributed free of charge and it is constantly evolving. There are a lot of advantages of the player VLC. First of all, it’s worth noting the stability of work in the OS Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, excellent playback quality, customizable individually, the ability to install modules and, of course, an abundance of supported formats.

Audio and video filters implemented in the player allow you to control the playback settings of the files. The user can specify the necessary settings using the built-in testing module and then save the most optimal option.

A distinctive feature of the VLC player is the ability to display damaged and not fully uploaded files. The player is also capable of playing radio from the global network. Another interesting feature of this utility is the viewing and recording of streaming audio and video on the computer hard disk.


VLC Media Player Download

  1. Zoom Player is a small, powerful and convenient player that supports almost all modern video, audio, graphics and interactive formats. It is a shareware, with a closed source code. The player has the ability to change the cover, the function of composing playlists, bookmarks, it takes a little space and is quite undemanding to the resources of the computer.

Behind the classic view of Zoom Player is a powerful media center, an application with a simple 5-button (up/down/left/right/select) full-screen navigation interface. Simplicity makes it ideal for users who don’t have the experience of working with a computer. With Zoom Player, you can instantly convert any personal computer into a home entertainment center without resorting to specialized equipment. Zoom Player works with any version of Windows, is fully scalable, supports the latest formats and interfaces.

Using the modular design of Zoom Player provides flexibility, you can easily create secure viewing conditions, limit or expand functionality, making it ideal for beginners and professionals.

image9Zoom Player Download

  1. Light Alloy (LA) – a very popular utility designed to play various video and audio files on workstations with Windows operating system installed. This program is not a free application, but users are offered a fairly simple method of registration – it is necessary to guess a simple riddle. The distribution program is small – only a few tens of megabytes (depending on the version). The application requires DirectX, and the installation itself is quite ordinary and understandable.

The player has a control panel and a video area. In addition, it is possible to display a playlist and additional buttons. When you listen to music, the Light Alloy logo is displayed in the video area, and in the video stream when watching video files. At first glance, the external simplicity of the interface is somewhat deceptive – it’s not always clear what the function of a button is. Rescue the situation the pop-up hints that contribute to a rapid addiction to such an interface.

You can connect Winamp plugins to the player. There is an opportunity to work together with the utility WinLIRC, a program that allows you to manage applications of the operating system with the remote control. With the settings you will have to tinker a bit but it’s worth it, because viewing the video via PC and remote playback control is a very tempting proposition.


Light Alloy Download

  1. Windows Media Player – a product of Microsoft, designed to play video and audio on your PC. Decoding of multimedia files is implemented by DirectShow filters embedded in the system. The program has a standard and intuitive interface, devoid of excess design.

The player has a repository – a library. The utility displays by default all multimedia files, the location in the library folder, which, in fact, is virtual and contains several real folders. Navigation on imported files is organized quite sensibly. The left panel allows you to select songs by genre, artist and other criteria (their user can add themselves).


Windows Media Player Download

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