Application megastores are more like one-stop destinations for all your desires regarding the new and coolest applications. With plenty of applications, they do offer a large number of features and facilities to its users. Talking about one-stop destinations for applications, Google play store plays a huge role on the scene. As truly said not everything shines is gold. It does have some setbacks. To cover up those backs, app creators haven’t created an app for this, but they have created a full mall of applications, which is a 3rd party megastore of applications and performs very good functions as compared to Google play store. 9apps tries to give a neck to neck battle to the Google play store regarding everything it has. In order to compare them in the market here are features to prove which one is a must in such scenarios.

By the name Google plays store, sounds more authenticated than 9Apps, but when we look at customer satisfaction it does miss some marks. At times when web technology is continuously attracting the classes and everyone prefers things to works according to their ways. In that outlines,

Google play store has a small setback which can become a larger setback to its users, The language support. With Google play store you can’t just change or switch the language into your preferred language. But, with 9apps, the smallest task as this is possible. With 9apps you can switch to any regional language you prefer. For those, who don’t know much of English can easily access to 9apps without any hassling experience. 9apps gives access to 7 regional languages which makes your search even easier. Along with the switch of language, these translations are highly accurate and reliable. So with 9apps, you don’t have to face any eligibility in order to download something which fills your desires.

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Talking about eligibility, Google play does offer some android eligibility criterions, which blows off the binds of users which are on low devices. The alert “your device isn’t compatible with the applications” can turn your mood upside down. But nothing as just happens with 9 apps. 9apps is one of the easiest ways to download. It believes in providing the richest experience as possible. 9apps does not ask its users to fulfil any kind of android criterions. No matter on which device you are on. Or which version of android you are using, as long as you are on 9apps it's all about your desire, you get.

And then focusing on, getting what you desire. Google play store lets its users pay a price of what they are asking for. Not everything you see at Google play store is free for you. But yes some are free but not everything. Unlike Google plays tore, everything is free on 9apps. You don’t have to pay an even single penny for anything other than some gradations of applications. Not just 9apps offers no price for applications but also compares prices from different e-marketing sites including, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, Amazon and many others. 9apps just compares the price of the product you are searching for and displays the most relevant price to pay for, unlike Google play store. There are no such extra efforts by them to provide what is relevant and helpful to the users.


Providing something relevant to the users which can be proved as boon using them can become a game changer. The actual size of the whole Google play store is around 60.77mbs, which proves to be much larger as compared to 9apps. 9apps has chic and combat design which only weighs not more than 4mbs. The applications present on 9apps are in the form apk formats, which does not eat much of space in your storages and keep an empty room for more applications. And even uses a negligible amount of data to download an application. While saving data you are saving memory too as it avoids all unnecessary storage wastage. On contrary there are no such plus points with Google Play store, it consumes a lot more than data while downloading by popping up with animated videos.

Taking about relevancy 9Apps app tends to give much more relevant searches than Google play store. With 9aapps you always get what you ask for. On contrary Google play stores search works on an algorithm which somehow you how breaches your privacy, it somehow displays the things which are related to your last search history, nothing as it happens with 9apps, even your search history never reaches to the 9apps server and tends to show more relevant recommendations unlike Google play store , Download 9Apps from

Everyone worries about receiving large bits of malware and threats. In that cases, people tend to believe in things which are more authenticate. Google play store sounds better in those cases. But not to worry, while downloading apps from 9apps as it receives applications from reliable sources only and the company tends to keep a routine check on the malware and threats.

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