How To Undelete Files Or Recover Lost Files On Mac

It is impossible to imagine modern life without a huge quantity of documents and multimedia files stored on internal and external hard drives. We use digital data every day, taking new photos, working on crucial report, but somehow we can accidentally delete a folder or a document and it might lead to unpleasant results. That is why the relevant issue is how to undelete files on macintosh and ensure future data loss prevention.

Fortunately, there is a great tool that enables users to avoid these stressful situations. Not everyone knows that even if Trash Folder has already been emptied, it is still possible to recover lost files on mac. Disk Drill is one of the most popular software that helps you to undelete mac files and get back vital documents as well as personal photos, audio and video.

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What Are The Differences Between Disk Drill Editions

Disk Drill does not require any advanced skills to use it. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, so there is no more problem for anyone to recover lost data on mac. The program provides users with different opportunities according to the editions. Let us have a brief review of these three options:

  • Disk Drill Basic allows to examine an internal or external hard drive to determine the location of the lost files. This version also includes checking the files to be recovered. Before it starts to undelete files on mac, you can preview the recovery methods.


  • Pro edition has increased functionality. Only at this stage a user can restore lost files on mac. Among the functions, there are also additional features, such as Deep Scan. It is much more powerful than Quick Scan in Basic version, as it uses the most thorough search and identifies more than 300 file types. Pro version can be installed on up to three devices and for personal use only.


  • Enterprise is a commercial license that provides the same capabilities to undelete data on mac. When it comes to multiple users, for example, you have to provide data loss prevention in your company, it is convenient to install Enterprise on employees’ computers. Such a decision can save a lot of money, because you could be sure no crucial data would be lost.

3 Disk Drill Features

Summing up, that is one more excellent feature in this software. Being a Disk Drill user, no matter what version you use, you are protected from possible data loss in the future. Recovery Vault technology saves the metadata of all the transferred and deleted files and, as a result, it will be much easier and quicker to recover lost data with Disk Drill.

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