Should you use Weebly in 2019?

If you are a business or providing services, then for today’s age, having a website is quite helpful. It helps your customer to know, reach and grow trust immensely. But do you know how to create a website? Are you worried about a lot of coding work? Stop worrying! There are many website builders available, can ease your work drastically. Then, Are you looking for a simple website builder or a platform to build your website? If so, then Weebly is one of those web builders.

Weebly is a simple website builder, mostly drag and drop features. If you have no coding knowledge, then also you can create a website using Weebly. Weebly is widely popular because it always focused on their tech more than creating high budgeted camping for marketing. But people are having doubts on Weebly after many new drag and drop platforms are introduced, giving fierce competition to it. So, Should you use Weebly in 2019? Of course, Yes! We believe that Weebly is still good to use in 2019. Let’s discuss more and Why!

Why is Weebly Still Better Option in 2019?

When we experienced Weebly with our hand, the experience is profound. Features are so easy to learn and understand that one person with no knowledge of website making can create a visually appealing website in few minutes. Weebly offers more than 40+ high converting themes; those got designed as per the latest UI, all the themes are mobile-friendly too. Weebly stands out when it comes to pricing also.

There are two types of platforms available in Weebly, in one you can create websites and in other you can create e-commerce stores. For the site, the starting price is zero, with fundamental features. Next plan is entirely the same, but you can add your custom domain in it, which is just 5$. The maximum priced plan is business, rated for 25$ per month. But when the ideas are charged for annually it’s the same, else you charged little more.

For the Online Store, the lowest plan is PRO, which is 12$ monthly when charged monthly. It comes with quite basic features. But the most idea which is Business Plan comes with all the features & some advanced features too. Like inventory management, automatic tax calculators, advanced site statistics, Facebook ads integrated and much more. You can get an advanced plan for a discounted amount by using Weebly coupon.


Ease of use


When it comes to using, Weebly seems quite fantastic. There is no need for code knowledge to create an excellent website for your purpose.

Design & Templates


There are numerous web templates and layouts are available. Using those you can create your business pages, portfolio or your lead information page. All the templates are responsive, means all are mobile-friendly.



If you are an e-commerce guy, then its the best for you. Inbuilt pay opt-in feature, taxation calculation feature, inventory management feature and many more attractive features are in Weebly plans.



Overall Weebly is best for all purposes. All the services and features are unmatchable in the market and with all the competitors. So it’s never old to opt for your use.

Wrap Up!

Weebly is a complete package of the unmatchable and straightforward website builder. The easy to use drag and drop features creates no issues. In conclusion, we still stand with Weebly. You can opt Weebly for your all web designing projects in 2019 too.

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