A Solar Watch Review in 2019

Don’t you hate it when the battery of your watch die? Many peoples don’t have any necessary tools or the right kind of batteries to replace it.  So they are left with only one option, that visit local watch shop and replace our original battery to low-quality battery. But let me tell you the best solution for all this. “You should go for a Solar watch”. In Solar Watches, you will never face this problem. As they work with solar or sun energy. Now let’s dig into the detail of Solar Watches, but before that, let me suggest you the best Solar watch, that is “Seiko solar watch“. You must try it.

What is Solar Watch:

There are three kinds of watches.

  • Watches working on batteries
  • Watches working on manual winding
  • Watches working on solar energy

Solar watches work on solar energy, they have designed in such a way that they store solar energy in the day time, and use it in dark. the front side of the solar watch contains photovoltaic (PV) cell on the top layer, which receives sunlight and stores it throughout the day. The working of this small PV cell is pretty similar to electric cells. when the sunlight hit the PV cells, the beam of electrons travels towards the internal battery of the solar watch. Yes, the solar watch also has a battery but it charges on sunlight. So you don’t need to replace this. Because of all these reasons, solar watches perform better than any other traditional watches.

that’s all about the internal working of solar watches now let tell you some benefits of solar watches.

Benefits of Solar Watch:

Solar watches have a lot of benefits, some important benefits are mentioned below:

  • No need to Replace the Battery
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Rugged Design
  • Sustainable Packaging

No need to Replace The battery:

In other local watches, you have to replace the battery every year. But if you have a solar watch, then don’t worry about this, you don’t need to replace the battery ever. The biggest advantage of the solar watch is each watch comes with its own rechargeable battery, that charges in sunlight or artificial light. That means you never have to worry about the battery of your watch.  

Easy to use and maintain:

The Second biggest advantage of the solar watch is it’s easy to use and maintain. Solar watch with a simple design makes it easy for everyone to check the time. You don’t need to click any button or unlock the screen. And we can say that solar watches are maintenance free. You don’t need to do anything.

Rugged Design:

The third most important advantage of solar watches is they have a rugged design. Solar watches are tough enough to handle lifelong all the adventures of your life. Whether you are a sportsman or a normal human being, your solar watch is tough enough to handle all the situations. Solar watches are water resistant and scratch free. They have hardened mineral quartz lens that makes the solar watch scratches free. So the Solar watch is perfect for indoor and out the door.

Sustainable Packaging:

Many peoples don’t think about the packaging and the material used in the manufacturing of watch. But it plays a very important role in the durability of the watch. In the case of solar watches very high-quality material used to manufacture the watch, that’s the main reason behind the high durability of the solar watch.

That’s all about the benefits of solar watches, now let me suggest you good solar watch.

Best Solar Watches

Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch GW-9400-1CR by Casio

word image

Let’s start with Casio. The best solar watch of Casio is  GW-9400-1CR. This is the most famous watch of the GW Series. The display of this solar watch is digital. Means time and other information will be displayed in digits form. The best thing about this watch is it’s very tough and can easily handle all the challenges.
Basically, this watch was designed for the sportsman, so that’s why it has a sporty look. As you can see in the above-given picture this watch have multiple displays. That gives extra value to the sporty look.

If we talk about the case of this watch, then it’s made up of stainless steel, and the band of this watch is made up of resin and have buckle closure. The diameter of the case is 53mm  and the weight of this watch is just 10 oz. it also has a movement display, which is mostly seen in solar watches, this movement display is made up of quartz, and it works with great precision. Main display or dial window is made up of mineral crystal, which is quietly strong, and resist the scratches and shattering. This watch is also certified water resistant up to 660ft. So if you love swimming then this watch is for you, it works very perfectly in water too.

If we talk about the price of this watch, then its not much expensive, especially when you are considering the quality and the functions providing by this watch. I think it’s the best solar watch in terms of value for the money.

The price of this watch is just $205.

The list of top features of this watch is given below:

  • This Solar watch is Electric Shock Resistant
  • This Solar watch have multiple Displays
  • This Solar watch is Atomic Time Keeping
  • This Solar watch is very excellent water resistance
  • Many Additional functions

Where to buy this watch:

You can purchase this watch directly from Amazon or Casio outlets. There are some other websites offering this watch you can also get it from there, but I prefer you to go for Amazon, As on Amazon you can explore many other watches also.

Final verdict:

The solar watch is perfect in terms of quality and durability, I must say you should go for a solar watch instead of any other local watch.

That’s all about solar watches from our side, if you any query regarding solar watch you can ping us in the comment box, we get back you asap.



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