Sony Xperia XZ2, in Indian Market on 1st August

According to foreign media reports, Sony announced that the Sony Xperia XZ2 will be available on August 1 in India, the strange thing is that Sony for the Indian version of XZ2 price of 72,590 rupees, far higher than China price of 4,699 yuan, even more than the United States The XZ2 version of the $ 999 price is still a lot more expensive.

Sony Xperia XZ2, in Indian Market on 1st August

Xperia Xz2

The performance of high-priced mobile phones in India has always been poor, even if it is as strong as Apple, it also results in a sales of less than one million, the result of the departure of several executives.

So it’s not known what reason why Sony is pricing so high for Xperia XZ2 India, but it’s worth noting that the XZ2 has a new feature, which is 4K HDR video recording, Sony said, this is the world’s first The feature of the phone.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Specification :

The device was announced in February 2018 and officially released in April 2018. The phone got a height of 5.7 inches and with a display of 1080×2160 pixels with 18:9 ratio HDR display. The phone comes with 4GB and 6GB RAM with 64GB internal storage. The gadget is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor with 3180 mah Li-ion battery. It will come with android 8.0 oreo version. Bluetooth 5.0 facility will be there in it.

Sony Xperia XZ2 also supports wireless charging, IP68 level dustproof and waterproof, occasional rain and accidental liquid splash can also easily deal with.

Camera :

It comes with a 19-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera. It is equipped with a new generation of BOIZ image processing algorithms, capable of shooting 960 frames of super-slow-motion video, and you can easily switch to 120 frames of standard slow motion. The phone is popular for its camera quality.

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