Do you Want to Spruce up Your Old iPhone 8?

You don’t want to replace your iPhone 8 right now. Maybe your bank account can’t take the cost of a new iPhone or maybe you can’t bring yourself to get rid of tech that still works well enough. Whatever the reason, you’re keeping that phone firmly in your front pocket.

If you’re not going to get another phone, you should take this opportunity to make your iPhone 8 feel brand-new. You can clean it up, give it a fresh look and give its performance a notable boost. Check out these tips to see how you can make that happen:

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Clean up the touchscreen!

You need to clean your touchscreen. No doubt, it has an embarrassing layer of fingerprints and mysterious smudges. Wiping it on your t-shirt or jeans isn’t good enough. Take some time to follow the advice of Apple Support and wipe the screen of your iPhone 8 with a slightly damp microfiber cloth until the mess is gone.

After dealing with the iPhone’s exterior, you should consider cleaning up the interior. Your home screen is cluttered with apps. You have to sort through pages of them, scanning your eyes for the Twitter app sandwiched between icons for Skype, Messenger, Dropbox and Venmo, which all have the same light-blue coloring. It could be much easier to navigate.

Start by removing all of the apps that you don’t use anymore. They’re taking up precious space and they’ve got to go! You can delete apps from your home screen by pressing the app icon until the edit mode is triggered, clicking on the Delete button and confirming your decision.

Then organize the apps you do have. If you have a lot of them, separate them into app folders based on the reason you use them like chatting with friends, working out at the gym or taking great photos. You can even arrange the apps by alphabetical order. When you’re finished, look at how neat and tidy your screen is.

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Give it a new look!

If you’re worried that your iPhone 8 looks like every other iPhone 8 out there, you can make sure yours stands out with the help of a premium vinyl skin in an eye-catching design like black leather, green carbon fiber, gold or bamboo. Whenever you get tired of the look, you can take off the skin and replace it with a different design.

Maybe a new look isn’t enough incentive to get the accessory. You should know that a skin will add an extra layer of protection to your phone. It will stop cosmetic problems like scrapes, micro scratches and oily residue from fingerprints. After a single application, your iPhone 8 can get tossed into a pocket full of keys and coins and come out unscathed. If you want your device to stay clean, you can find plenty of iPhone skins and wraps for all models online and pick out the ones that suit your style.

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Speed it up!

It seems like your iPhone 8’s performance is a hair slower than it used to be when you first bought it. It’s not disastrous, but it’s noticeable. In case your suspicions are true, you should follow these tips to speed it up.

First, restart your phone. Sometimes the “turn it off and turn it back on again” method can make all the difference. There’s a reason why it’s so popular.

After that, you can try to speed up the iPhone 8 by getting rid of things that are taking up precious storage space — if you’re hoarding too much, your performance will be sluggish. Think of it like wearing a backpack that’s stuffed to the brim. You’re going to have an easier time carrying it when it’s not weighed down with useless items.

Go into your Settings to check on your iPhone Storage to see how much room is left. If your storage is almost full, clear some space by moving photos, videos, music and other files onto different tech.

You should also update your iPhone 8 to the newest version of iOS 12 if you haven’t already done it. Keeping your phone updated will speed up the performance, patch up vulnerabilities and guarantee that you’re using the latest features. To run the update, go into your Settings and click on Software Update.

You can make these simple changes in the span of an afternoon. All you have to do is wipe up the touchscreen, organize your apps, apply a vinyl skin, clear storage and run updates. In a few hours, you’ll have what feels like a brand-new phone.

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