Streamline Your Network Inventory

Maintaining all of your company’s various devices such as cable modems, routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers, and anything else that runs on your IP network can be a full-time job. In fact, you may already pay someone, or a group of people to do just that. This seems very inefficient because how can one person check all the ink levels of the printers, while also maintaining the servers, only to get called in on an emergency when the modems and routers go down? He would be running all over the office and someone else would be stuck waiting for each problem to get solved, cutting down on their productive work hours. This can all be simplified by just using a Simple Network Management Protocol which scans your network to find your devices for you. This allows you to see all your devices in one place and sustain a current inventory of all your gadgets working throughout your business.

Total Network Inventory uses an Inventory Discovery Tool to make performing those Simple Network Management Protocol scans easy. This tool can scan any device on your IP network that supports the Simple Network Management Protocol or Telnet protocol. When running this scan, this Inventory Discovery Tool will accumulate comprehensive information about each device whether that is a router, switch, printer, or other managed gadget in just once sweep. This tool generates a comprehensive overview of your local area network on the computer where it can easily be seen all at once.

You may be asking yourself why it is beneficial or even necessary to use this Simple Network Management Protocol network discovery tool when John your IT guy does a great job all on his own. While you may care about ensuring that John doesn’t lose his job to a piece of software, his job can become much more efficient. For example, checking each printer for the paper, ink, and toner levels can be very time-consuming. This could take John all day depending on how many printers are in your office. If he used the inventory discovery tool, he could easily see which printers needed to be taken care of that day, leaving him available for other projects that needed to be done that day such as fixing the modems or ensuring the routers are working properly. In addition, using the tool means you won’t run out of ink unexpectedly without a refill ready because you will know exactly when to order these refills. This is because using the inventory discovery tool scans your network to produce an inventory of each gadget on your IP network. This means you can maintain a current inventory of your equipment within your corporate local area network. The automation of this process ensures that nothing gets glossed over in creating the databases, and limits the amount of labor-intensive time spent ensuring they are up to date with the latest equipment levels. Not only is this process streamlined and current, but you can also print complete reports presenting you with the facts of your network structure and elements allowing you to know exactly what is happening with each device on your IP network.


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