VideoProc: The Perfect film makers companion

Life as a content creator can be really fun if you’re ready to put in the effort. But putting in effort means that you need to make sure that each and every shot that you take, correction, every single frame in a video that you put together needs to look perfect. And that’s simply not possible at all times, is it?

Sometimes while going for that perfect shot, you’re bound to tumble, slip up a little. Literally. You might end up with shaky footage of something that you really wanted to include into your video. And that’s the case while one is trying to record on a mobile phone or even a GOPro for that instance move a little, heck even shake a little and you end up ruining the shot. Or so you thought…

Today. we come to you with a brilliant solution for the problems one faces as a film maker.

And as the title suggests, we wish to introduce you to the perfect film makers companion.

The software we’re talking about is called VideoProc and what it does is help you completely stabilize a shaky video and make it usable all over again. And it does all this regardless of the how and where you recorded the footage you wish to clear up. It might be a HD video you recorded on your iPhone or a full 4K video recorded on the latest GoPro, VideoProc will help you stabilize the video no questions asked. And the best part? That’s not all VideoProc does! We’d not simply proclaim it to be the perfect film makers companion for nothing!

Video stabilization is simply one of many features of VideoProc, which literally is a one stop destination for all your video processing and rendering needs. On that note, let’s now take a deeper look at everything VideoProc does and why we think you need this software in your life.

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Features of VideoProc

Complete GPU accelerated processing

VideoProc is the only video processing software on the internet that allows you to run GPU powered processing that lets you process even 4K videos with ease. With VideoProc you can also use full hardware acceleration to process your videos. This allows you to process videos at a 40 times faster rate than simple CPU processing and also 20 times faster than any type of GPU accelerated processing. We’ll be very honest with you. We’ve never seen anything process videos faster than this software.

It has everything from simple editing features

Like the ability to be able to crop, cut, edit, rotate, merge and add subtitles to your video files. You can also play around with different filters and see which one suits your video best. This is all done from within VideoProc without having to download any additional software. Versatile piece, this one.

To more advanced features like shaky video correction

We’ve already spoken a ton about how VideoProc allows users to correct shaky videos, alongside that one can also fix fisheye, remove background noise, add watermarks, create M3U8 playlist files that allows for HTTP streaming.

A video converter, screen recorder, media downloader and so so much more.

Again, going back to the part where we said that this is the perfect companion for a film maker, this software literally takes everything that a film maker could possibly need on their computer and serves it up in one amazing bundle that you can download for free over at

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