Top 5 sites to buy Rolex watches

For many, the idea of ​​buying a Rolex watch can be a bit confusing. I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about people being ripped off trying to buy a Rolex. What is important to understand is that scams. The same rules as for the purchase of watches in person apply to the purchase of a watch online. Most of the rules are use of common sense, but as they say, “a sucker is born every day.”

The vast majority of the time, customers who claimed to be “ripped off” practiced extremely poor judgment or was downright greedy. If someone offers you a $ 1,500 Gold Rolex and you buy it from someone you cannot return it to, you’re just a fool. I obviously do not tolerate fraudulent sales of fake watches, but the market exists for a simple fact; people are influenced by greed. The truth is that scams would not be so common if it was not for everyone who was ready to be scammed.

If you just use common sense and inform yourself about the watch you buy, you can avoid being ripped off. These three tips will prevent you from being exploited and will allow you to live a pleasant online experience.

Make sure you can communicate with your online watch seller.

Buying a used Rolex watch can save you thousands of dollars on the new retail price. One must be careful because there are many counterfeits, as well as dishonest sellers who distort the description of watches on their websites.

Several things can be done to make a better purchase. However, the most important are: check the seller’s reputation, ask for the model number, ask for the first three digits of the serial number and ask for more photos, if any.

Top five sites for best Rolex watches below here


Many people underestimate the potential of eBay. It is possible to sell Rolex watches and other jewelry at a reasonable price on the site. Just make sure you know all the details about seller protection before signing up. is also another best alternative for Rolex and other premium watches.


Macy’ is also a great website to visit when shopping online for a watch. His website contains an entire section devoted to watches. Macy’s offers smartwatches, luxury watches and everything in between. It also provides information on some watches through guides and videos; it’s useful! A big advantage is also that Macy’s is now shipping to Canada, covering not only the United States but all of North America. Do not forget to check out the customs clearance section for surprising offers.

Ashford is an American online retailer headquartered in New York on its famous Fifth Avenue. This site mainly offers watches, but also a selection of sunglasses and fashion accessories. The company was established in 1997 and acquired by a parent company in 2007. Since they opened more than 20 years ago, they have acquired more than one million customers.

Original Rolex Company

These are the components of the main factor that buyers look for when buying used watches. Rolex dials, frames or other accessories will not help you get a higher price. Plus, it does not matter if your Rolex is in working order.


This high-end retailer brings together a group of extraordinary designers to offer a very wide range of styles and trends. On you will find all your favourite designer watches, which you will easily find by brand, color, shape, price, etc. In addition, exclusive designer collections await you on this site. What’s also fun at Nordstrom is that they not only offer luxury designer watches but also sports watches and much more.

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