TunesKit Video Cutter for Mac Review in 2018

TunesKit Video Cutter for Maccut video mac

If Mac is the preferred Operating System by people who are into video editing, then TunesKit is their favourite tool. The features of Mac makes working with multimedia easy. One can create amazing videos and graphics with its processing power. For those who are looking for a Video cutter, today we are reviewing one of the most popular video cutter for Mac, TunesKit. The multimedia software development company has finally released a video editing software called Tuneskit Vid Cutter for Mac. It is an innovative, professionally designed freeware that can be operated with a few clicks.

TunesKit is known for developing video editing and converting software that offers a quick and easy solution to professionally edit and convert videos. Check out our review on this video cutter and do give it a try.


TunesKit: An Overview

TunesKit is a well-known name in the Tech market. It is a top leader that features DRM removal software to its millions of users. Its DRM removal solutions include support for trimming video/audio files, splitting the recording in the various segments and then merging them. TunesKit is a popular multimedia software development company and so with its DRM removal program, you can find all DRM removal solutions. It helps you to remove DRM from TV shows, apple music, iTunes movies, audiobooks, iBook’s, etc. the interface of TunesKit DRM removal program is intuitive and easy to use so that you can easily handle DRM removal.


TunesKit Video Cutter for Mac- Review

Video editing can be tricky for beginners and so TunesKit Video Cutter for Mac is a fast, reliable and easy to use tool. The software is designed such that it meets the requirement of quick editing of videos. It not only edits video quickly but also maintains the high video quality. It is a smart video cutting tool that supports cutting of all popular videos formats, including MP4, MPEG, AVI, MKV, WMV, WEBM, M4V, F4V, 3GP, MOV, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, etc. preserving its premium quality. And for using the software you do not need IT knowledge or skills, as amateurs can also work with it.

You can download TunesKit Video Cutter for Mac from HERE.


Features of TunesKit Media Cutter for Mac

With this amazing audio cutter for Mac you can effortlessly trim, edit, or join all kinds of media files for free. And so we are going to discuss about some indispensable features about this perfect tool.

Simple yet Multifunctional– The TunesKit media cutter for Mac is a simple yet smart multifunctional tool with an easy to use interface. You can edit any video or audio file by browsing it and then selecting the desired part with the help of slider.

Fastest Video Cutter– When compared to other Video cutters available in the market, TunesKit is about 60% faster.

Preview Changes- This DRM removal tool allows you to be sure that you have selected the right video or audio part. Thus the accuracy and efficiency of cutting videos and audios using TunesKit cannot be questioned. And so you can start converting videos in no time, with just one click.

Supporting Formats– TunesKit Free Video Cutter for Mac highly compatible tool. It supports almost all video formats like m4v, asf, webm, tp, avi, mp4 mts, m2ts, mpg, 3gp, dv, wmv, dat, mov, rm, rmvb, flv, mkv, f4v, h264, ogv, vob etc.

Lossless Quality– You will definitely feel TunesKit Audio/Video Cutter for Mac out of the league of traditional editing software. It specializes in re-encoding videos during the cutting. With the help of latest technology, TunesKit without even touching the original videos can trim the desired media. Hence it ensures 100% original quality, with no kind of settlement in the quality.

Safe and Reliable Program– This software is a super convenient editing tool which has no plugins or hidden viruses. Also you won’t face any compatibility issues.

Share Videos with reduced Size– As you get to cut your video in small sections, you can remove the unwanted pieces. The media cutter also allows you to merge various small sections into a new movie. Hence it helps to reduce the size tremendously. Also you can easily upload and share the newly created videos with all your friends on Social media. And even you can save up some space on your Mac device.

How to Cut Videos into Segments?

Now that you have known everything about TunesKit and its features, it’s time to use this video cutter. Follow the given steps to effectively use this free video cutter for Mac-

Step 1- Open TunesKit Free Video Cutter for Mac.

Step 2- Then add the video that you want to edit. You can do it either by drag-and-drop method or by simply clicking the Add option present at the bottom left.

edit video mac

Note- You can drop only one video at a time.

Step 3- After adding the media, you can use the slider bars to select and cut the video segment. You can use the Start Time and End Time option to adjust the time value.  

merge mac

Another operation that you can try is “Merging.” In case you wish to merge different segments from the same video that you have cut into a new file, press ‘+’ button. By this way you will be able to select another cut video segment. Then click the ‘Merge Segments’ option to join the different cut video clips into one.

Step 4- After adjusting all the Settings, click on the “Start” button. The cutting, trimming or merging operation as directed by you will begin with no loss in quality. Your new video will be made in no time.

cut mac


So, guys, we hope that this information was enough for you to make up your mind. TunesKit is a simple yet efficient software that works great for both amateurs and pro video editors. Versatility in its features and great compatibility, TunesKit video cutter for Ac is worth trying. Do try it.


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