Xiaomi Piston 2 Earphone Review


Xiaomi Piston 2 Earphone Review

1x1.trans - Xiaomi Piston 2 Earphone Review


We all know that listening to the song, is the best way to de-stress themselves. We all stuffed in our headphones while on the go, while taking a break in office, lying in bed, sleep at any time, or just have to listen to our favorite songs before. Your heart will be refreshed, there will be a smile on your face, you would simply say, wow, when you hear a song millet piston 2

1x1.trans - Xiaomi Piston 2 Earphone Review

These headphones are priced at $ 25 only clever, if we’re talking about sound, looks, features and overall appearance of the quality of these headphones, we must say, they are amazing


1x1.trans - Xiaomi Piston 2 Earphone Review


Millet piston 2 is equipped with an embedded three-button remote can be used to deal with the media player and phone. There are built-in cable for easy connection to the ear Y and controls are made ​​of aluminum. Line thin and flexible. It is made of beryllium alloy, which is made ​​of a hard material, but light weight. Typically, this material is used to produce high-priced headphones from top companies quite expensive.

Millet piston is designed using the box, there are four different ear

1x1.trans - Xiaomi Piston 2 Earphone Review




Millet headset has a dual piston damping system. This means that it allows you to reduce the impact of the diaphragm through reflection, pure sound. This unique cushioning system is the key behind the success of the headset. You will not be able to get this quality in this price range and any other headphones. In addition to the music beats, if you call, you will find the sound crystal clear. It has a 3.5 mm jack is gold-plated, with your Android and iPhone both work.

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Xiaomi piston 2 for $ 15, the price in the international market was China $ 25


Weight: 12g

Cable length: 1.2m

Sensitivity: 93db

Plug Type: 3.5mm (gold-plated)

Rated Power: 5-20mW

Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz

Whare You Can You Buy 

India-ebay , shopclues  1000 rs to 1600 rs in india

International- Aliexpresskingsouq, Oiostore

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