Editorial Policy

Gizdev always aims to provide balanced, impartial, accurate news, and analysis. We are dedicated to providing the best content on which user can our visitors can rely on. We publish content on the Android, Windows, Smartphone launches news and updates. The updates include all the latest and up to date content till the date. Gizdev is committed to providing you with balanced, accurate information. For any queries, you can contact us.


Our aim is to provide a free platform for the vast world of news and updates. The whole news and all content we publish on our platform can be read and accessed by our visitors without any cost. We are pleased to provide the up to date content for our daily visitors. To give the idea for our users what’s happening in the world of technology. We aim to provide the correct and valuable content in an easy and proper manner which will be beneficial for our visitors.


We always make sure of reliable, up to date and accurate information in all our posts as all our writers are highly experienced and have top-notch writing skills. We don’t receive and acquire any revenue from our visitors, we have advertising partners, sponsors who enable us to keep up the work pace all the time. We make sure the content is separated strictly from sponsored to unsponsored. Organizations are free to write and post their content at a very nominal price. They can market their services/products, banners on our platform in the best secure and trusted way. The organizations can also sponsor the posts on our platform on specific pages and categories made for sponsored posts.

Gizdev has the best content writers who can provide correct and valuable content. The authenticated information without partiality is our motto. News or any information is cross-checked before posting any content or news or information. We believe the value of our readers and focused on making it even better by providing quality content.

Sources of Information

All material on our website that we present as our own is either created by us or is obtained from content providers whose editorial processes we have evaluated and found to be acceptable. The material we create is written either by our content writers or freelance writers whom we commission. Our content has been evaluated and cross-checked by in-house editors and all submitted content is reviewed for fair balance and whether learning objectives are met by the content. Sources for third-party editorial content include trusted news organizations, not-for-profit organizations, key blogs that provide news and information about all the verticals we cover.

We publish content which is free from all sort of copyright issues and always believe in respecting the parallel platforms on the World Wide Web with a mission similar to us. For some of the sponsored content the information that remains valid one day one may not remain with the same status during the next days in a row. Therefore the content offered by the third-party resources may not be always correct and we don’t take responsibility of the accuracy of the same. Despite our team perform a cross-check, some links as already mentioned may change or get modified at a later stage. The opinions shared by our writers are not always necessary to be made public by the Gizdev.

Content Partners

We at Gizdev don’t take any sort of money for the referrals or for the leads generated through us. We work with a team of organizations and content writers and these relations exist for mutual benefits such as generating traffic and sharing advertisements.

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