3 New Iphone named iPhone XS, XS Plus and iPhone 2018 Releasing Soon

Three new iPhone named iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus and iPhone 2018 are rumored to be
released in the month of September. The first device iPhone XS plus got 6.5 inch
OLED display, the second one iPhone 2018 got 6.1 inch LCD display and the third one
iPhone XS got 5.8inch OLED display. Iphonr Xs and XS plus models are the iterative versions
of the iPhone X, and the 6.1-inch positioning is slightly lower, which is a volume version. As from the below pictures we can see the front look and the back look of these devices.

3 New Iphone named iPhone XS, XS Plus and iPhone 2018 Releasing Soon

Specification of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus and iPhone 2018 :

As we go to the configuration section the next-generation A12 processor will be upgraded by the new iPhone. It is reported that the stronger A12X will be used on the new iPad and the chip od the said device is built on the 7nm process. It is reported that the new iOS 12 will be the operating system of the devices. It can be confirmed from the above picture of the device that iPhone Xs and Xs Plus has a dual back camera and the iPhone 2018 version has a single camera.

Although there are many rumors about the new iPhone performance, looks, camera and many other things.

Foreign media MobileFun has released three new iPhone models and the naming method. They have released a hands-on video of the three devices in youtube. The video can explain almost everything about the device looks, performance front and back view and many more things. You will also know the brief difference between the devices.

MobileFun told that the largest showing 6.5-inch version device will be named iPhone XS Plus, and the name iPhone XS is of the 5.8-inch version that is the upgraded version of iPhone x and the 6.1-inch version will be named as iPhone (2018).

Apple will be launched the three new version of mobile phones in September 2018.

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