ASUS ROG Gaming Mobile Phone Released on 26th September

On 26th September, Asus launched a gaming mobile phone named ASUS ROG. The Starting Price is from rupees 60,000 (Approx) in Indian currency. The device will be available in 8 GB + 512 GB version. This device has got more technologies and other facilities that other gaming phones do not have.

ASUS ROG Gaming Mobile Phone Released on 26th September

Asus ROG Gaming mobile Dual screen

ASUS ROG Gaming Mobile Specification:

As the device is the flagship device for gamers, it has got all the top level gaming configurations. The device is powered by “Chicken Blood EditionSnapdragon 845 processor and the CPU clock
Pulse is 2.96GHz. This device has got the first CPU of snapdragon 845 with a clock pulse of 2.96GHz. The ASUS ROG gaming phone got LPDDR4X memory + UFS 2.1 flash memory. The battery capacity of the device is 4000mAh.

If we look at the heat dissipation section, the device is equipped with 3D Vapor Chamber condensing technology, which has a carbon fiber heat sink, copper heat sink and 3D average temperature plate cooling. The heat releasing efficiency is improved by about 60%. For the good heat dissipation, the device performance has been increased. The device brings a cooling fan also, by attaching that cooling fan to the mobile phone the heat can be released quickly.

ASUS ROG Gaming Mobile Phone heat releasing

The device has an innovative charging location. As it is shown in the picture the device has a different location to connect the charger with the phone. By changing the location the Asus company has made the device very user-friendly as it will be easy to charge and to hold the phone while playing games, watching movies and doing many other things at the same time.

Asus ROG Gaming mobile Charging Section

The device has got a dual screen facility. For the dual screen facility, the user can watch videos while playing games. The user will get more options to access at the same time for the dual screen facility. The gamers can also double play games for the dual screen.

ASUS ROG Gaming Mobile 1

The device has an interface facility to connect the device to computer display and keyboard and the mouse also. This facility has increased the user-friendly environment of the device.

Moreover the device is one of the best gaming devices.

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