Black Friday – Tronsmart Quick Charger & Big Discount

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1) Tronsmart Quick Charger WCP01 18W

wcp01 usb c pd 30 wall chargerTronsmart Quick charger WCP01 is specially indicated so you can install it in any socket. Designed with  PowerDelivery 3.0 technology , a superior charging power that gives you  fast 18W charging , high quality and easy charging. In addition, it is designed so that you can connect a USB-C cable so you can have a higher charge. Enjoy your favorite devices with  Tronsmart WCP01 USB Charger Type C 18W PD 3.0  wcp01 usb c pd 30 wall charger 1
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Final Price : $7.69


2) Tronsmart U5P Charger 5-Port

tronsmart u5p 60w usb pd desktop charger with voltiqThe Tronsmart U5P 5-Port USB and Type-C Charger is a multi-port charger that incorporates today’s standardized USB port and the newly developed PD charger port. The four USB ports on it support VoltiQ technology. VoltiQ technology provides maximum efficiency by adjusting the power requirements of the devices you plug into the charger. You can also charge your smartphones and notebooks with the Tronsmart 5-port charger, which offers fast charging support with a Type C PD inputtronsmart u5p 60w usb pd desktop charger with voltiq 1
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Final Price : $16.65

3)-Tronsmart Bolt 5000mh Powerbank

tronsmart bolt 5000 mah power bankAppropriate Design
Tronsmart Bolt 5000mh , it’s a powerbank with little size you can take effectively with you in your pocket or pack .High battery capacity:Bolt Powerbank offer 5000mh  high Capacity and Quick Charging (Input and Output) .- VoltiQ Charging technology: Max Output(5V/2.1A) and Max Input ( 5V/2A).tronsmart bolt 5000 mah power bank 1Check battery status : To See your battery , you can check it by four  bar lights quick and easy .Safe & Reliable : Tronsmart bolt Powerbank provides  Safe Charging shield you from any dangers .tronsmart bolt 5000 mah power bank 2Buy it Now ( Aliexpress )

Final Price : $9.98
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