Black Friday – Tronsmart Speakers with 40% Discount

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Wow! Amazing!  At 11.29 local time in Spain, the world famous football player Luis Suarez went to the Trosmart Barcelona flagship store to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In this Black Friday, Tronsmart not only gives the best discount to all Tronsmart fans, but also brings Luis Suarez to promote this great event!  Here comes the SPECIAL CODE only for Luis Suarez! Any user who buy Tronsmart T6 Plus (Shopping Link)with the code SUAREZ8USD will get 8USD OFF!!! It’s only available till Dec. 3. Let’s get it for Luis Suarez!

element t6 plus portable bluetooth speaker

Tronsmart T6 Plus Speaker

the Tronsmart Element T6 Plus offers a fairly classic and long-lasting design for a portable speaker.  On the top there is a rotating volume knob, and below the subwoofer.  In front, two speakers 20W each and back all the controls and connections (USB Type C for charging, USB Host, microSD port and a line-in).


Compatible with iOS or Android, this Bluetooth 5.0 speaker (range of about 20m) has 3 equalizers (EQ button, Vocal, 3D Deep Bass and Extra Bass) and different player modes (M button).  A colored LED on the back indicates in particular on what EQ you are.  Note also the possibility of pairing 2 speakers for stereo sound via the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) button.


Finally, the speaker Tronsmart Element T6 Plus offers a hands-free mode with the ability to be connected to a wizard type Google Assistant if your smartphone is obviously connected to the latter.  Small precision on the USB-A port on the back, which can charge your smartphone, in addition to being able to put a USB key to listen to his music.  Moreover its battery has a capacity of 6600 mAh which allows him to have, according to the manufacturer up to 15 hours of music.

element t6 plus portable bluetooth speaker 1

Buy it Now ( Aliexpress )

Listed Price : $99.99

Price After Discount : $59.99

Coupon : T6PLUSFRI

•Tronsmart Mega Speaker

tronsmart element mega bluetooth speaker 1

40W DSP Audio Drivers: HiFi and clear sound output loud, a 40W audio drivers with DSP and 3D Digital Sound provided rich sound indoors and outdoors

Original design: Drawing touch panel with blue LEDS lighting that turns on while booting, PAUSE button and phone (for hands-free kit), mode button (BT, AUX or SD), exclusive sliding track buttons next and previous track

tronsmart element mega bluetooth speaker 2

True Wireless Stereo: TWS technology that connects TWO Mega Tronsmart speakers for stereo sound and immersive experience

tronsmart element mega bluetooth speaker 3

Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, TF card and AUX: Compatible with all your Bluetooth devices, and an excellent range of about 20 feet. In addition, the NFC and TF card function make it easier to connect to your device. The built-in 3.5mm AUX jack offers an alternative way to connect a device without bluetooth

tronsmart element mega bluetooth speaker 1 1

Super Battery Capacity: The powerful 3300mAh * 2 built-in lithium polymer battery provides up to 15 hours of playback time in a 50% volume level

Buy it Now ( Aliexpress)

Listed Price : $69.61

Price after Discount : $41.07

Coupon : MEGAFRI

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