Speed up your Mac with CleanMyMac 3 – Cleaning, Maintenance and Monitoring

Is your mac slow?, out of disk space, freezing on app launch then you man cleaning tool to Maintenance and clean you MAC. There are many mac cleaning tools on the internet but which one you should select? So here is the best Mac cleaner, Maintenance, monitoring App CleanMyMac 3. The CleanMyMac will Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac for you with the all-new CleanMyMac 3. It scans each inch of your mac, eliminates gigabytes of crap from your mac, also monitors the overall health of your Mac.

What Is CleanMyMac 3?

CleanMyMac is a Cleanup tool Which You Can use to:

  • Clean your Mac hard disk by eliminating gigabytes of system crap.
  • Keep your Mac using a pair of small utilities.
  • CleanMyMac helps to clean up your Mac from temporary files, duplicate files, or large files that take a lot of storage spaces – as well as maintain the best performance for your Mac computer.

The new CleanMyMac 3 has included several important features including enhanced Smart Cleanup, cleaning out Mail attachments and iTunes crap, Mac health alarms, and a few maintenance utilities. Find out more about the newest edition of CleanMyMac here.

CleanMyMac 3 Features

  • Smart Cleanup
    • All in One cleaning Tool
    • Clean Mac’s system, iTunes, Mail, Photos Junk Mac trash bins and Temporary files.
    • Remove Duplicate Files
    • One-button cleaning
    • Safe Cleaning
  • Health Monitoring
    • Heavy Memory Use Alert
    • High Disk Temperature
    • SSD Life is Low or Failing
    • Critical Battery Life
  • System Junk
    • Clean Caches, Log Files, Universal Binaries, Development Junk, Broken Login Items, iOS Photo Cache, XCode Junk and more
  • Uninstaller Utility
    • Complete Uninstall Any App
    • Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
  • Maintenance Scripts
    • Repair Disk Permissions
    • Verify Startup Disk
    • Mail Speedup
    • Rebuild Launch Services Database
    • Reindex Spotlight
    • Flush DNS Cache
    • And More
  • Privacy Cleanup
    • Remove your browsing history and other online and offline activities.
    • Clean Browser History Cookies, Last session, Saved passwords, Autofill values
    • Clean Skype Messages Recent list, File transfers, Conversation history, Call history, Attachments, Messages history

Is CleanMyMac Safe?

As Drive Pro and Bitdefender antivirus scan in MacBook Pro, they do not locate any dangers connected to the program. It doesn’t include any virus, malware or spyware crapware, assuming you download it in the official MacPaw site.

If you receive the program from other third-party download sites like download.com, remember that it might be bundled together with bloatware. From a technical standpoint, CleanMyMac is secure if you know what you do.

Where to Download and Buy CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac is not a completely free tool it has some limitations in the free version such us you can only remove upto 500Mb of files. You can download and buy from official CleanMyMac website here is the link below.

Download CleanMyMac 3

Buy CleanMyMac 3

Clean My Mac 3 Review Cleaning, Maintenance

Cleaning – It contains two parts: Smart Cleanup & Deep Cleaning.

Clean My Mac Cleaning tool 1024x598

Smart Cleanup: scans your Mac, then shows you documents which are safe to be clean.

Deep Cleanup: includes six sub-parts that allow you to find and eliminate certain kinds of unnecessary files.

System Junk: Removes temporary files, unused binaries and localisations, various broken objects etc. This can help free up space and enhance your Mac functionality without affecting app performance.

Photo Junk: This utility cleans out your Photos trash and lowers the size of your photo library by eliminating supporting data out of it. It also removes duplicate photos from MAC harddisk.

Mail Attachments: It Deletes local email downloads and attachments such as files, photos, archives, songs, etc.

ITunes Junk: Kills locally saved iOS device copies, outdated copies of iOS apps saved on your Mac, broken iTunes downloads, and utilized iOS software upgrade files.

Trash Bins: Clean all of the trash bins onto your Mac–not just Mac Trash, but likewise the trash bins on your Pictures, Mail garbage, along with other app-specific crap bins.

Large & Old Files: Discovers and removes old files you may have forgotten about on your hard drive, many of which are large duplicates.


clean my mac Utilities

Uninstaller: This uninstalls unwanted Mac applications in addition to their related folders and files. MacOS makes it effortless to uninstall programs.

Maintenance: Optimizes your Mac by conducting numerous scheduled or manual jobs, like checking the startup disc, setting up fix disc permissions, reindexing Spotlight, speeding up Mail, etc.

Privacy: This mostly clean browser crap such as your surfing history, cookies, download history, stored passwords, etc.

Extensions: This assembles all of the extensions and add-ons you have installed in your Mac and browsers and shows them in 1 area. You might even handle Login Items .

Shredder: This helps you safely delete documents and folders you do not wish to maintain. Items erased utilizing this method are unrecoverable.


From my perspective, this cleanup program is very good and a must-have program on your Mac.

It helped to scan and clean all junk files after a week (manually). Additionally, Clean My Mac 3 has been examined my Mac hard disk and display massive files. In the results, it’s extremely simple to choose which files I need to remove, or proceed to external hard disk to free up storage area. Additionally, MacPaw is giving you a opportunity to acquire a complete refund within 30 days if you are not happy with this program.

Buy CleanMyMac 3
Buy CleanMyMac 3
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
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