How To Completely Disable Ads In MIUI (System Ads + Apps Ads)

The most discussed factor for deciding the phones nowadays includes the user interface. The Android basic which is stock version is the most popular one because of less bloats and the speed. lots of OEM’s develop their own skin just like Xiaomi has the MIUI, Huawei/Honor has EMUI. from many days MIUI is getting badly trolled for its Ads in system and its apps. MIUI is very popular and most used custom skin as compared to other. It was bad before but after MIUI 10 update its getting faster and more feature rich but the one thing that pushing all the users away its their ads, So here’s How To Completely Disable Ads In MIUI (System Ads + Apps Ads).


The MIUI ads were appearing in system while smartphone is being used even in the system settings. Apps like MI file Explorer shown ads in its UI. Some users faced full screen ads too. That is very frustrating, I was using Poco F1 I didn’t got any system ads but surely got the in App ads which were already pre-installed. So here’s how you can disable ads in MIUI with just few steps. Thanks to the MIUI forum member for sharing this valuable information all credits goes to them.

Completely Disable_MIUI ADS:

A.) Disable Ads Service MSA:

1.) To disable the MSA, Go to MIUI settings.

2.) Now head towards Additional settings.

3.) Now to Authorisation  and revocation.

4.) Scroll down and find MSA service.

5.) Tap revoke in the Pop Up. You may get error like couldn’t revoke authorisation, do it for 4-5 times until you get the message that its been revoked.

MSA Ads Disable Screens
Credits MIUI Forum

B.) Disable Ads In App Lock:

  1. Just head towards the MIUI settings.
  2. Go to APP LOCK.
  3. Now tap on the settings.
  4. In the receive recommendations, turn it OFF.

C.) Disable Ads In MI File Explorer:

  1. Open MI File Explorer.
  2. Tap on the 3 dots icon top right corner.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Turn OFF the recommendations.

D.) Disable Ads In MI Security App:

  1. To disable ads in Security, Go to security.
  2. Security settings.
  3. Turn OFF the recommendations.

E.) Disable Ads from Advertising Identifier:

  1. Head towards the settings–>Additional settings.
  2. Then Privacy–>Ad services.
  3. There TURN OFF the advertising identifier.

F.) Disable Ads from Cleaner:

  1. To disable ads in Cleaner, Go to security.
  2. Security settings.
  3. Tap on the Clear option.
  4. Turn OFF the recommendations.

G.) Disable Ads from Downloads App:

  1. Now open the downloads, tap on 3 dots on top right corner.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. TURN OFF the show recommended content.

H.) Disable Ads From MI Browser App:

  1. Open the MI Browser App.
  2. Then browse to the Settings–>Advanced.
  3. Tap on the Card Settings.
  4. Turn OFF the recommended for you.

I.) Disable Ads In MI Themes App:

  1. Open the MI Music.
  2. Go to Profile.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. TURN OFF the recommendations.

J.) Disable Ads From MI Music App:

  1. Go to MI Music.
  2. Head to settings–>advanced settings.
  3. TURN OFF the recommendations.

K.) Disable Ads While Installing the APK’s/Apps:

  1. Just try to install any APK file.
  2. After the installation, the security scanning screen will appear.
  3. Now quickly tap on settings icon.
  4. TURN OFF the receive recommendations.

L.) Disable Ads from Boost Speed:

  1. To disable ads in Boost speed, Go to security.
  2. Tap on boost speed. After scan results.
  3. Tap on speeds.
  4. Turn OFF the recommendations.

M.) Disable Ads From Installed APPS:

  1. To disable ads in Installed APPS, Go to security.
  2. Go to Manage APPS.
  3. Tao on the 3 dots.
  4. Tap on settings.
  5. Turn OFF the recommendations.

So, This is how you can Completely Disable Ads In MIUI (System Ads + Apps Ads). If you like the post don’t forget to share it!! Also, like our official Facebook Page for more instant updates.

Source MIUI Forum
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