Guide to Change DPI of Coolpad Note 3

Guide to Change DPI of Coolpad Note 3

Coolpad Note 3 dpi

We already posted coolpad Note 3 cool post like how to install twrp recovery and rooting the device, also we update with how to install twrp 3.0 and rooting the device in Marshmallow 6.0 update. Here our next post about dpi of Note 3 how to change the dpi of coolpad Note 3, this post will help you change the dpi with out root yes you don’t need to root this guide will show how you can change dpi of note 3 using fastboot mode with fastboot commands, why need to change dpi ? as coolpad note 3 a big screen 5.5 inch screen it quit big for some users, some users want big so here the guide how to change the dpi .

Preparation :- 

  • First Download and Install Adb Driver From -> Here
  • Enable Developer Option And Usb Debugging On Your Phone .
  • Download The “” From -> Here
  • Read The Instruction .


Instruction To Change Dpi :- 

Step 1-> Unzip “” .

Step 2-> Go to “Latest-Fastboot-Adb-Tool” Folder and run cmd there by (Shift + Mouse Right) -> Run Cmd Here  .

adb shiftmouse right

Step 3-> Connect your phone to pc .

  • Now type or paste this command in adb windows then hit enter .

adb devices

  • This command will show the connected device .

adb shell

  • This command will run shell

adb shell wm density 400

  • This command will change the dpi density change 320, 400, 260 what you like

adb reboot

  • This command will turn your phone into normal window .

After it you will see the changed dpi density .

Here Some Screenshots After It Changed .

Coolpad note 3 dpi 400 1024x587


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