Download Color OS 6 Stock Wallpapers, Features, What’s New

Just a couple of days ago, OPPO said, there will be a fresh new update to its own UI Color OS 6. This Color OS 6 update is really important from the Realme point of view. Many users still complain about the Color OS which looks really bad and looks like an iPhone UI copy. For most of the Indian users of Realme are restraining themselves because of UI, because the bootloader unlock is still going on and no custom ROMs. I think this update will surely make something for both OPPO and Realme. So let’s check-out, Color OS 6 Stock Wallpapers, Features, What’s New.

Color OS 6 Features:


A new gradient interface with some changes is implemented in this version of Color OS. But still, it looks the same as the iOS UI. The rectangular block thingy is still the same. The new power consumption modes AI capabilities like Huawei implemented in EMUI. As we all know there is an absence of App Drawer in the Color OS. But in this update, the app drawer is coming back. It is really a highly requested feature just like Poco users did with the Poco Launcher. This option will be a choice just like the most of launcher options. You can enable/disable according to your needs.

Game Optimization:

Many of OEM’s already including the Game Booster, Game Options in their UI. So OPPO is also going to add some predefined settings which will automatically detect the games and will adjust the pre-defined settings.

Various Gestures:

The gestures are becoming a trendy thing now. The full view displays are all over the smartphones now. So to make use of full screen display the gestures are implemented. the Color OS 6 gestures will include some tap to screenshot gestures and much more.

Download Color OS 6 Stock Wallpapers:

The download file contains around 15 wallpapers. Also, the wallpapers are vivid and beautiful. They add perfectly to the display of the device. The resolution of the wallpapers is 1080 x 2160 pixels along with the aspect ratio of 19:9. More Wallpapers will soon be added.

You can easily download these wallpapers from the link provided below after that You will get a zip file at the end of downloading. Extract this zip file in your device in order to access those wallpapers. The wallpapers are provided in the original quality. So let’s go down to download Color OS 6 Stock Wallpapers. See the screenshots below for more reference. Color OS 6 wallpapers download link is below.


Download Color OS 6 Wallpapers Here:

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