Trick To Download Files From at Full Speed

Here is the solution to Download Files From without registration from any country at full speed. First, install an extension and script in your browser. Visit the download link let’s go to the guide.

Baidu is the Chinese largest and No. 1 search engines reason is google banned there. same as Google provide all type of web service. Like Search Engine, Maps, Mail, File Share Service and much more. Baidu is the most used File Sharing service called Chinese sites forum blogs used to share files. If you are from other country accessing Baidu its difficult to download from You can’t register at the reason is you need a Chinese phone number. Alo download speed slows if you download from another country.



  • Firefox or Chrome Browser.
  • Internet Download Manager.
  • Tampermonkey Extension.
  • A Fast Internet Connection.


  • First Install Tampermonkey Extension In Your Browser.
  • Tampermonkey Chrome -> Link .
  • Tampermonkey Firefox -> Link .
  • Install BaiduPanDownloadHelper Script.
  • Read Guide.

⇓⇓ Download BaiduPan Helper Script ⇓⇓

BaiduPanDownloadHelper modify by ted423  / Mirror Link

Trick To Download Files From

Step 1-> Install Tampermonkey Extension in your browser.

2-> Install BaiduPanDownloadHelper Script .


3-> Visit any Link and click the Download button.


The download will start instantly with the full speed resumable link.


Note:- If you are logged in at Baidu, First log out your account the script will only work on logged out.

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  1. Kay Woo says

    It is not working. My download is not popping up 🙁

    1. rajajana says

      working smoothly

  2. Rajiv says

    While clicking on a download link, it asks for a capcha. After entering, the download proceeds normally. It was able to capture the download using IDM, but is failing at around 80%. Asking for authentication suddenly. Giving the baidu username and password is not working. AM I doing something wrong?

  3. Techni Myoko says

    Doesn’t work. I just get a popup asking me to install Baidu’s downloader

    1. nitya says

      I will publish a new method shortly 🙂

  4. Erika says

    Worked until today, now it’s not working. Maybe it’s a problem with baidu

    1. nitya says

      it works sometimes I will publish a new method in few days

      1. Alex says

        Waiting for your help. 😉

  5. cdsv says

    why in a few days we need this asap

    1. Erika says

      He’s probably a busy person, give him some time. While you wait you can try giving the original method another shot, it works for me again.

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